Today is another boring day at tench tilghman.

Here's another day of going to school dealing with this same drama and and these same teachers pushing my buttons like they have nothing else to do like shouldn't they be teaching us something useful that would get us through life.

Well first let me tell you about tench tilghman is a school on the east side and it is such a bad school. It is the  most run down school u could ever go to the school was poor they couldnt afford anything. They had these black off brand computers that you never heard of. And every school year they would just paint the walls like it changed anything I went there since the 3rd grade and i was so bad and one day we were in class and the teacher said something to me that pissed me off and then I got very upset. Then it was time to go to lunch and when we went I wrote all of my feelings down to keep from exploding but then this boy named larry he snitched and told that I wrote cussing words in my diary. They came over there but first they told him to mind stop worring about me but the they came back and they saw it and I got in trouble.I got the worst beating of my life and then she made me write a apolgy letter and when I got to school she didnt even read it she said what are u giving me this for and i said my mother told me to write it but she just threw it in the trash.

I found out that i passed the 3rd and was going to the 4th grade so there was this one girl name mayah and i didn't know why but she would always pick with me even if I WASN'T talking about her, looked at her. Something about me made her skin crawl and basically she was just a hater and a big bully. And one day she thought that she was going to bully me and tried to take my pencil and we started fighting but did i mention that she was way bigger then me but i still beat her up.

Three years has gone bye and now im in the 7th grade now and we have the same teachers but two ms.hall and ms.spinney. Ms.spinney was afriad of us she was the math teacher but when she would put a question on the board she would d it and just give us the answers so now we are failling and we don't know the skills.But Ms hall she gets under my skin she would pick me out of everyone in the class to say something to and one day she thought that she was going to get in my face and i was going to do anything. So this fight became verbal very fast and later on in that week my aunt came up there to talk to the teacher and Ms.hall thought that she was going to talk to her any type of way to so her and my aunt was about to fight. I got put out of her class for the rest of the school year. I had no teacher and also my reading scores dropped. 

A couple of years ago I was at school and my mother told me that some lady was supposed to come get me because I was starting a new daycare and I met everyone there. One night this very good looking  mexican boy comes in the door with his brother and little sister and there mother they couldnt have been from here because there mother didn't speak english so the good looking boy had to translate so the daycare provider could understand  what she was saying. The next week they started going there. There names were Troy,Bryant and Daisy.

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