Chapter 1

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"Liz!" my mother yells from downstairs waking me from my sleep.

"What?" I yell back. I swear I thought it was the weekend. Is it? Or am I just going crazy?

"Im going off to work. I will be back in the afternoon." mother says.

I hear her leave the house and see through the window her car driving out of our driveway, which reassures me that today is Saturday. With this information I promptly go back to sleep. And of course as I was falling asleep my phone starts to ring.
Ugh can't I just sleep till noon on weekends. But I force myself to get out off bed and I snatch my phone. I unlock it and 1 new message appears on my screen. I tap on it and it opens my messages. I see that my friend Emma texted me asking me if I want to hang out tomorrow. Realizing I am not going to go back to sleep I decide to text back.

"Sure what do you want to do?"

"Want to go to the mall?" She texts back.

"Cool how about at noon?"

"Perfect, see you then."

I was not super excited to go to the mall but I dont tell her that. Anywho, I could not think of anything better to do.

My stomach growls and so I decide to go downstairs to eat. On the table I see a box of leftover cake from my brothers birthday. He just turned 17 and soon he is going to move out which freaks me out since I hate being on my own.

I pick up a knife and slice a huge chunk of chocolate cake. I put a little to much of it in my mouth.

"Mhhhhh" I sigh. For a stale cake, it was pretty damn good. Right after I finish my cake I go back upstairs and choose to watch Friends.


"Liz?" I hear my mother say as she walks in the house.
"I am home". How long have I been watching?

"Are You okay?"

"Yup." I sigh. She always asks me this.

"Good to hear honey." She responds.

My mom is always very concerned about me as I am her kid, so I understand why, but sometimes I need to try to prepare myself for the real world where my mom's not there.

"I am going to make dinner in a lit what do you want?".


"Sure thing!".

The thought of pizza drifts into my mind making my stomach growl.
Beep beep
My computer goes off distracting me from the hunger. Wow I must be popular today I joke. I open my computer and see that Chris, this really sweet and cute guy I like, messaged me on Skype.

"Hey you online?"

"Yup you? :)"

"No not online."


I almost instantly get a video call from him. His face appears on the screen. I can't help but smile at his fliped hair covering his left eye.

"What?" Chris says taking me back to reality. I realize that I have been starring at him and start to blush.

"Nothing just thinking." I say a little to quickly.

"Ok? Well how is it going?" I can hear the disbelief in his voice.

"Well, I watched friends all day and there is a pizza in the oven, so so far so good. You?"

"I am fine today in class there was this kid..."

We continue to talk till my mom called me for dinner. When I finished I went to bed tired from my "busy" day.


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