Chapter 4 *A hint of jealousy*

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Shiela's POV

I open my eyes because Sebastian open the curtains and the freaking sunlight is annoying my eyes! Arghh!! Today is Saturday, No meeting nor appointments it's my rest day!! I should be sleeping till noon. I look at the time and ADFGHJKL!!!! It's just 6:30 in the morning for hell's sake!!! Remind me later that i Will kill my butler whose name is Sebastian Michaelis.

"Sebastian.." I said with a hint of adorably

"Yes young lady?" He said smiling to me

"Come closer.." Still smiling. He come closer and... closer when I can reach his face I slap his face as hard as I can.

"Why did you wake me early today?! I don't have any appointments nor meeting, Right?! but why did you wake me as early as 6:30?!!" I said or should I say I shout.

"I'm sorry young lady but we need to go to an event at 8:00 am" He said still smiling

"What the Fuck?!! Why?! It's my rest day today right?" I said

"Oh my goodness young lady it's inappropriate to a lady to say bad words!" Ohh, I forgot.

"I'm sorry but why didn't you tell me about the event?" I ask

"I'm sorry young lady but the queen just said this earlier"

To be honest sometimes I regret being the queen's relative because you know aside from the queen's watchdog the relative of the queen has missions too. Only few people know about the relatives of the queen cause you know, Privacy and also for our own safety.

"Alright, Now Sebastian ready my bath" I command him

"Understood" He said as he go to the bathroom

T I M E S K I P-----------------------------------

After I'm done taking a bath, He prepare the dress that I will wear for the event.

"Young lady, I already prepare your dress for the event"

"Thank you Sebastian. Now, can you please put your blinfold on" I command him and he gladly follow it. Everytime I wear my clothes well to be specific Sebastian is the one who put the dress on me while wearing a blindfold.

[The dress that Shiela's Wearing ----------------------------->]

When Sebastian is done dressing me, He remove the blindfold and look at me from foot to head. I don't really think the dress suits me.

"Young lady, The dress really suits you" He said. Oh C'mon he's lying

"I remember when my former master Ciel wore one." He continue. I think he loves Ciel, Thinking that thought gives me heartache. I don't know why, It feels like my heart is being stab by sharp knives.

"Hurry Sebastian, I didn't know that you're a YAOI." I said as I turn my back from him.

TO BE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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