Chapter 3 *The Guest*

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Shiela's POV

I'm busy signing all this papers for my company but someone knock on my door.

"Come in" I said still signing all the papers.

"Young Lady, There's a letter for you" Sebastian said.

"Open it for me, and also read it"

"Understood" He replied

     Dear Ms Whitley,

I will be coming to your humble home later at 9:00 am. I want to talk about your candy factory.

Sincerely yours, Mr Dutchman

"He's Baka! He even don't know how to write a letter. Tsk" I said.

"Indeed Young Lady" Sebastian Smirk

"Nevermind, I know him. He's one of the 'corrupt people' we have in our company. Prepare the most Memorable Hospitality you can" I smirk because of what I said to Sebastian.

"Yes my young lady" Once again he put his one hand on his chest while the other is on his back and bow his head a little.

He get out from my office but in just a few minutes there's a knock on my door once again. *Sigh*

"Come in" I said bored

"Y-Y-Young L-Lady, Here's y-your glass o-of Milk" It's Mey-rin

"Thank you Mey-rin, You may leave it here" She was about to leave but I stop her

"And, Please talk comfortably in front of me, Don't be so tense" I said with a smile

"Yes young lady" She said and smile to me and she leaves

I was about to continue what I was doing but there's a knock on my door once again. Why does everyone keep on bothering me? How could I finish my work if they keep on disturbing me

"Come in"  I almost shout but I control my temper. The door open and I saw sebastian.

"What do you want?" I asked not paying attention to his handsome face. asdfghjkl?! What did I said?!! You read nothing =_=.

"I'm sorry to disturb you young lady but the guest has arrived" He said.

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