Election day

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"Marissa it's Election Day "

" I know I hope your the next preident"



"Voters vote"

"The voters have voted."

"The new President is Brendan Strater/Beasor"

"Mr. president ,who do you want to be your VP"

"My VP is marissa Motta"




"As President I know pronounce to day as WICKLIFFE BLUE DEVILS DAY!"


Today we celebrate the Wickliffe blue devils"


"Those who do not celebrate today will be handed a $30 fine."


"I know marissa"

"The new Secretary of State is My wife!"

"Go back to your lives"

2hrs later

"Marissa , can you help ?"


"Because your my Vice President "


"DON'T NEED TO GIVE ME ATTITUDE, all I wanted to ask is if you can go to the press conference that I need to go to"


" It's okay"

"And to answer you request, yes I will go to the press conference."



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