Chapter 36

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Maddie's POV

The girls all jumped from excitement.

Hanna: Congrats, Maddie!

Hanna was smiling and she hugged me.

Maddie: But.. is that good?

Brooke: Of course it is! You're gonna be mom! And Ross will be the daddy!

Maddie: Ross.. Ross! How am I going to tell him?!

Hanna: That won't be a problem. Just tell him and done.

Maddie: What if he doesn't want the baby? What if he hates me? What if he breaks up with me?!

Brooke: Maddie, it will be ok. Don't worry.

She took my hand and held it tightly. That made me calm down a little.

Maddie: So.. Are we finished with the shopping now?

They laughed and I didn't really understand why, but I laughed too.

Brooke: Yes, look at all these bags!

I hadn't noticed we were carrying lots of bags. We heard a noise coming from outside the bathroom, like a person running away. But we ignored it. We had to go home walking, so we agreed to call the boys and tell them to come pick us up at the mall. We called them and exited the mall, waiting for them.

A van parked next to us. The man who was driving was dressed in black and was also wearing sunglasses. He looked familiar, but he clearly wasn't any of the boys. He got out of the van and walked until his stood right in front if us.

Man: Are you Maddie, Hanna and Brooke?

Hanna: Yes

Maddie: Wait.. are you.. J-Ju..

I didn't have time to finish the sentence that the man grabbed me and pointed a gun to my head.

Justin: Hanna, get in the van

Hanna: Oh no. Justin!

At that moment, the boys arrived. Ross saw what was happening and jumped out of the car.

Ross: You. Justin. Let her go or we'll call the police.

Justin: Don't move or I'll kill them

Ross: Them? Who? All the girls?

Justin: No, I listened to their conversation in the bathroom. That's how I knew they were going to wait for you here, so I ran to get the van before you came. But damn, y'all are so fast.

Ross: You're a stalker. But.. then.. What do you mean with them? You did not answer that! Tell me!

Hanna: Justin.. Don't.. Tell.. Him..

Ross: What doesn't he have to tell me, Hanna?

Justin: That if you move, I'll kill your girlfriend and future baby

Ross: So that means..

Ross looked at me with a confused face, but he was sort of smiling. Not because Justin was going to kill me, of course not.

Justin: Hanna, get in the van, now!

Hanna started walking to the van but Riker came running and grabbed her arm.

Riker: Hanna.. Don't..

Hanna: I can't let him kill Maddie. In fact, it all has been my fault. Riker, don't worry, I love you and I always will.

Hanna kissed Riker but Justin interrupted them.

Justin: I will count to three and if Hanna isn't in the van then I'll shoot.

Hanna let go of Riker.

Justin: One..

Riker: I love you too

Justin: Two..

Hanna got in the van and a different man closed the door.

Justin: Three. Ok, good. Jeff! Turn on this thing!

The man called Jeff got into the drivers seat and turn the van on. Justin pushed me making me fall to the ground, jumped in the van and was about to disappear through the thick fog. I got up and tried to run next to the van.

Maddie: Hanna!

All I could see was her scared face through the window. The van vanished a few seconds after. I had lost my best friend.

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