The wedding

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"Tomorrow is the wedding"

"I know are you ready?"

"No, are you?"

"Little bit."


The day of the wedding

"Brendan wake up its the 17th of August!"

"Mmmm, W...h...a...t?"

"It's your wedding day!"

"I'm up, what do I have to do as V-P before I get married?"

"You do nothing but enjoy you last couple of hours of Being a bachelor."


6:00pm rolled around

Pre-bride music plays

"Please rise."

Music plays

"Do you take this man in marriage in sickness and in health ?"

"I do"

"Do you take this woman in marriage in sickness and in health?"

"I do"

"You are now husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride."


Crowd murmurs

The end of book 4

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