Chapter 5: I Want Blood, Guts and Chocolate Cake

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Chapter 5: I Want Blood, Guts And Chocolate Cake.


After the break-up, Eugeo didn't even bother to talk to Kirito, nor did he even bother to glance at the cold-hearted bastard. He packed all of his belongings after he had finished taking in the fact that Kirito didn't love him, even if he was desperate for unwillingly love.

Although the break-up was 3 days ago, Asuna had already planned to move in with Kirito when Eugeo stepped out the place where memories were possibly made.

Even if the idea made Eugeo want to slap the girl, although he didn't. He honestly really wanted to slap both of the lovers, but he couldn't make his hand move into a slapping motion. He just kept his mouth, like he always did.

He wondered where he'd end up. Maybe in a creepy apartment, or maybe, a worn out shelter? Maybe he can live with one of his friends, but then again, he didn't really have anyone to call a friend, since he had ratted out Alice, then broke up with Kirito, and Klein was collage, which didn't really help at his situated moment.

Eugeo had saved up about 4,500 dollars, since he worked 3 part-time jobs, one at a hospital, one at a mall, and one at this cafe, since they wanted 'nice' people to work at their store to attract more customers; and it did.

He felt uncomfortable since it was for a girl's cafe, so all boys that worked there had to flirt with their customers, because, apparently, that's what girls adore. It was weird, since he was gay, and some of the other waiters were gay, but they got accepted, anyways.

It made Eugeo happy that the world was finally accepting homosexuals in this world, it made he absolutely vivid. But, now, he didn't really have anyone to date, so he was back to bisexual. It didn't really matter to Eugeo what the entitled gender was, all he wanted was someone compatible, if that was too hard to ask.

Eugeo still maintained the cafe and the hospital job, but the mall one was dropped since the mall was unfortunately shut down. It was bad luck for Eugeo since that was where he made most of his savings. He also liked the mall job just because it gave out free food to the workers, and because the food there was like heaven 2.0. It was like a dream job that he would have guessed it would have been.

He sighed as he zipped the final bag. Now thinking about surviving in the wild is like thinking about death.

Eugeo still felt empty inside as a balloon, finally deflated. The break-up was harder for him than he had expected-- he cried so much that he had to get his asthma inhaler to put air back into his lungs. He got the asthma from the many break downs he had as a child. It wasn't his fault that his lungs could take the absurd amount of screaming and crying.

Kirito really hadn't felt anything for him all along. How could he be so mentally dumb? If only he had believed what his heart was yelling at him, but he didn't. Instead, he used his stupid old brain to work out the relationship.

Yes, he loved Kirito with all his heart, and he still does, yet the onyx black haired boy didn't give a total shit about his feelings. Instead, the boy pulled on the strings of Eugeo's used to be unharmed heart, up to the point where the stings would just cut through the flesh.

That's where he stepped in. He cut his wrists, he cut here and there, even though he knew it hurt both him and his body. He didn't like the pain like some did, he hated it. Yet, he always kept going when he has started the so called 'addiction'. He hasn't cut in at least 3 weeks now, and it made him paranoid.

He also hasn't been taking his medical medication ever since he stopped cutting. The brain that didn't get any drugs was now acting up on him. He was insane, yes, but that didn't mess with his life like love, friendship, betrayal and all that other stuff, did.

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