13. Lemon - Hair & Skin

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As I prepared my fresh batch of rose water I thought I'd bring out a proper chapter about the benefits of lemon juice for your skin and hair. There have been chapters within which I gave tiny hints, but a more informative one was due. I use lemon juice fairly often in my honey masks, rosewater, scrub, over my food and in my drinks. Lemons are awesome!

Lemon juice gets rid of dark age marks, freckles, dark spots left behind by your spots, and lightens complexion. It has also been stated that lemon juice makes the appearance of stretch marks less prominent—and that terrible breath of yours less stinky.

The citric acid inside lemons gets rid of dead skin. "So it exfoliates too? Yes, it does! Told you lemons were awesome! It also has an anti-bacterial function that cleans out your pores and is meant to help prevent acne and get rid of blackheads.

The vitamin C in lemons is said to prevent hair loss! Want extra shiny hair? Remember that olive oil mask I spoke about? Add a little bit of lemon juice, and there's your shiny hair. Lemon juice can also help with dandruff.

I'm sure many of you know this, but rubbing lemon juice on your hair and letting it dry in the sun makes your hair lighter. So if you want some natural highlights or a lighter hair colour you know what to do. 

What there's more? Why, yes of course! Just one thing... that I know of. Lemon strengthens your nails, and leaves them shinier and lighter. Soak 'em in some lemon water for a few minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat. I'm thinking that since it removes dead skin cells it will certainly help you with maintaining your cuticles!

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