That Question

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"Me and the gang, we're gonna do some sorta... I'd say mission but then it'd sound like I'm in some sorta Halo game.. I guess it's just a few errands.... borrowing from a few people.." I whistled casually between each sentence. "I need you to work out some things.. watch the house we've targeted..." I'd been in that gang for two years now, and it was still un-named. We often asked Tom for help, his brains, his charm, he could do some stuff. Most of the time he didn't want to, he knew gangs were wrong, sometimes the stuff we did was wrong. But I'm his best friend, he does a lot for me, I gotta be thankful for that. Just, this was a question I doubt he'd answer lightly. I'd get a lecture for sure, maybe a few declines, but he'd give in soon enough.

I heard one of Tom's full, irritated sighs fill the room, and his warm grip on my wrist. "Not another of these dangerous 'trips'?" I gave a small nod, the answer he didn't want, and he gave me a head shake in return. "Madison!! You're gonna get caught! I don't want that To happen.. You're my best mate, I don't want you in hospital or prison because of this pathetic gang you're in!"

His comforting words circled around my brain, and repeated in my head. He cared. And this is why Tom Peters is a guy you gotta love. My shoulders relaxed, and arms fell by my thighs as he smiled. "You're not going right? You don't have to go.. that gang can't make you.."

"Hey, chill Tom. Course I'm going, I can't let them down again.. I was sick last time from worry. I gotta grow up, it's just a empty house. There's not gonna be anyone there to yell at me or catch me!" I looked up at him, my hazel eyes staring back into his blue ones. He really did care, but I had to disobey him. The gang was relying on me to steal that iPhone they'd seen the young 10 year old with.. and I was determined I could.

"It's bad! It's bad Maddie! It's a crime, punishable by a prison sentence! Please don't go.." I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders and pull me in for a hug. The hugs I loved the best. Tom's typical Lynx fragrance crawled over my face as I rest my head on his shoulder, and his breaths explored my light brown hair. "Don't go.." His small mumbles repeated themselves a few times. I paused.. and hugged him tighter.

"I won't." I have no choice.

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