The Marrage prep

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"As President Motta and vice president Strater/Beasor get settled in.( Mayor Jonson)"

20mins later

"ATTENTION people of D.C, I just received notice notice that the V-P and President are making a new law."

Cround Murmurs

As V-P this law will be sent out right away.

The new law is stating that schools are now getting out of school @1:30pm for all schools in the USA.

40 years later V-P Strater is 30 years old.

"Marissa I'm getting married"

" Brendan does your feature wife want me to be the maid of honor"

"Yes she does"

"Okay what color is the maid of honors dress?"

"Aqua blue"


"Yes aqua."


20 mins later

"Mr. strater-Beasor and Mrs. Motta we are under attack!!"

Both: "CODE: RED SUPER 13!!"

"Code red super 13, doesn't that mean lock down for a year?"

"No but..."

The end of part two or is it?????

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