Rebecca's POV (For those of you who don't remember she is the main character from just kiss me and now currently the mother of Alexa. To my friend Zhayras request I decided to write her in POV.)

"Has Alexa already left?" Jason asks as he hurrys down the staircase trying to tie his tie.

"She left an hour ago while you were sleeping." I sigh as I roll my eyes.

Jason woke up 2 hours late today. I don't know why he's been waking up so late nowadays but he seriously needs to get his act together. I mean if he gets fired whose going to pay for all the bills?!

"Don't worry I won't get fired." he laughs as he kisses me on the cheek whilst grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.
He always knew what I was thinking. It's creepy as hell but trust me it use to be really cute when we were back in High school.

Oh high school the good old times.

I sigh as I turn around facing him directly as I tie his tie. Because of him I know how to tie a tie in just a millisecond because of the countless amount of times when he would be late I would be the one tying it for him since he would be in such a rush.

"I love you. You know that right?" He grins showing off his childish side once again.

"Yes of course I do. Were married if you don't remember."

"Can't you just tell me that you love me back?" he pouts.

I push his face back with my hand and roll my eyes. "Just hurry up with your apple and go make your money. And how many times do I have to tell you stop being so chi-"

He presses his lips onto mine and I feel him smiling against them. That idiot always knew how to shut me up.

I smile giving in and wrap my arms around his neck as I pulled him closer. Of course I love him. We lasted so long and I had hope in us from the day he even asked me to be his girlfriend. He never gave up on me back when we were in highschool and that bitch Tara came into the picture.

"I love you too." I smile as we pull away from the kiss.

And I will never love anyone else as much as I love him.
Well I mean I love Alexa too she's my daughter.

Make it the second person I will only love as much as him.
I'm so happy I have the opportunity to share my life with him and my beautiful daughter, Alexa.
I can't wait to see what life has in store for me next.


What did Blake mean? "I don't care how many times your going to kick me for this but I'm not going to regret it."

Was he going to kiss me...? His voice repeats in my head several times as I place my hands onto my hips and walk about in the court. We're in the middle of gym class at the moment but I just can't concentrate. That smile on Blake's face.

Does he like me?

He's probably trying to get me to fall for him so he can sleep with me I know...but theres something deep inside of me thats telling me that maybe that heartless asshole does like me.

"ALEXA!" I hear someone scream and then within a flash I feel a sudden piercing pain in my head.

I groan as my hands fly up to my head instantly as I grip my hair in the process. This is what you get for not concentrating in basketball I guess.

"Alexa? Alexa are you okay?" I hear someone ask as I feel strong arms wrap around me.

I shake my head and frown as I try to come back to my senses and I rub my eyes trying to forget about how blurry everything looks.

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