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Claudia's POV

"Come on, Ash! Luke's gonna drool all over you if he sees you in that dress," Christina said.

"If he sees me in this dress!" Ashley shouted from the changing room.

"Quiet down, we're getting looks from people around us," I explained.

"Are we done here, yet? I need food," Han whined.

"Not until Ash wears the dress I picked out for her," Christina replied, determined to get Ash to wear it no matter what.

"There's no way I'm wearing this, it doesn't fit me at all," Ash pouted.

"'Course it does, now come on. Just wear it! You still have to try on another dress. Remember, the other dress is picked out by Claudia, so you better wear the one I picked for you or else," Christie threatened.

"Alright, alright. I'll wear your stupid dress," She finally gave in.

Score one for #teamChristina I guess..

"Are you done yet?" Hannah asked, a bit impatient.

"Yes, geez," Ashley replied as she opened her changing stall curtain.

"Oh my God," I whispered, as my jaw dropped slightly.

(pic of dress attached)

"You look amazing!" Hannah said.

"So pretty," Christina murmured.

"T-Thanks," Ashley replied, blushing.

"You look absolutely stunning," I complimented.

"C-Can I take this off now?" She asked.

"Sure! And right after that, we can go straight to shoe shopping! Then accessories, then skinny jeans, and after that-"

"STOP PLEASE! You're giving me a headache!" Ashley and I shouted at the same time, earning looks from the people around us.

Some muttered 'crazy teenagers', but like, who the hell needs their opinions? Am I right, ladies?

"Chill! I was just joking. I'd rather sit around and-"

"Wait all day?" I joked.

Christina was saying a lyric from Avril Lavigne's song, What The Hell.

"No. I'd rather play video games and eat pizza all day," she said.

"Then why are you here with us going shopping?" Hannah asked.

"Because I'm a matchmaker and I have convinced Ash to buy the dress, so I could set her up with Luke on a date and he'll be drooling all over her," she rambled.

"You know I can hear you," Ashley stated.

"That's the point," she said.

"Ugh, whatever..." Ashley muttered.

"Hey, Clau? Isn't that your cousin, Heather?" Hannah said pointing towards a tall, slim, and curvy figure.

I looked towards the direction she was pointing at, and it was indeed my cousin, Heather Anne Garcia.

I was about to call out to her, but what I saw her doing was unbelievable.

My heart literally broke into a thousand pieces.

It hurts.

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