Episode 5x09 discussion SPOILERS

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Discussion of 5x09 "what happened and what's going on"

Ok was I the only one who hated this episode.

I though it was funny that they didn't show Beth(outside of hallucinations) at all this just gives us even more evidence she's alive.

They also don't say she's dead they use the word "lost" which is really fishy.

I think it was bull crap they killed Tyresse. He really didn't deserve to die and it was extremely unessecary like another "death"


I think they might lose some views for pulling this stunt because it's really pathetic that they keep on doing this to hopeful characters. When Lizzie and Mika came on the screen my heart dropped. When Martin and the Governor came on screen my blood boiled. When Beth came on I had to get in a fetal position and cry for a little bit.

I am insanely furious about it first of all and second after the episode was over I got a really weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It felt almost sorta supernatural and I know I'm not the only one who felt that way.

I couldn't sleep and even when I think about the episode (as I'm righting this) I still got an eerie feeling.

Really weird.

I heard 5x10 is supposed to be weird to so..... I'm excited yet scared.

Also 5x10 is supposed to be the episode where Beth comes back!

R.I.P Tyresse

You will be missed.

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