The begining of it all!

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One night when I fell asleep, I started dreaming about when i was born in 1999. Of course it wouldn't look like anything it looks like today (2081). I would also be very little and i wouldn't be able to walk and talk and do everything i do today. I also wouldn't have electronics :(. Far into the dream i started seeing the future because i time traveled. I have seen the next president of the united states of America and she was a female. the president is Marissa Nicole Motta. I congratulated her on the win and she was shocked that she actually won.

25 years into the future..

"For the 4th year in a row Mrs. Motta has been or President and know she has the opportunity to choose her vice president." ( Mayor) " thanks mayor jonson. the ne VP is Brendan E Strater/ Beasor." (pres) "thanks Marissa. (VP)

The end of part 1

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