Chapter 31- A Hidden Chef Part 2

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Angie” Come in”.

Herman “Hi Angie. It’s me”.

Angie “Herman is there something the matter?”.

Herman “No no. I just wondered if you were hungry?”.

Angie “Well I’m a little hungry”.

Herman “Come downstairs. I’ll make us something to eat”.

Angie nodded and they headed downstairs. They went into the kitchen.

Herman “So what do you fancy to eat?”.

Angie “I could eat some pancakes”.

Herman “Pancakes coming up”.

Angie “Herman where’s Olga”.

Herman “I let her have the day off. I am cooking”.

Angie bursted into heaps of laughter.

Angie “I’m sorry. It’s just you don’t seem the type to cook”.

Herman “I’m shocked. I happen to be a fine cook”.

Angie laughed again.

Angie “Okay Chef. Make me some Pancakes”.

Herman “Madam is very demanding”.

Angie “Well the customers is always right”.

Herman “Not in my kitchen”.

Herman laughed. He swirled the Pancake mix around the frying pan. When it was done he added fresh cream and some chocolate.

Herman “Here you go”.

Angie “Thank you Chief”.

Angie and Herman both ate in silence.

Angie “Here Herman let me clean up”.

Herman “It’s fine. I can do it”.

Angie “I know but it’s only fair I help clean. After all you made the Pancakes”.

Herman “I won’t win will i?”.

Angie “No. so I would lose gracefully”.

Herman and Angie laughed hysterically. Leon and Violetta came in through the back door.Leon kissed Violetta on the cheek and left. Violetta walked up to her Dad.

Violetta “ What’s going on here?”.

Angie “Nothing. We were just cleaning up”.

Violetta “Okay well I’m off to bed. Night guys”.

Herman and Angie “Night Vilu”.

Angie yawned.

Angie “I think that a sign for me to go to bed. Thanks for the pancakes”.

Herman “No problem. Goodnight Angie”.

Angie “Goodnight Herman. Sweet Dreams”.

Angie and Herman both went their separate way and went to bed. They both started dreaming about each other.


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