Chapter 39(Warrant)

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This is a fine morning...

Baekhyun wake up from the bed because chanyeol said

"It is time to wake up young master"

"What day is today?" Baekhyun ask sleepily

"This is Saturday young master"


Then one of the three servants knock on the door

"Excuse me young master and chanyeol-shi "

"Come in" chanyeol said

He come into the room and hand in a letter to chanyeol..

"A guy in a police costume or royal costume came and gave that to me and I think that is for young master"

"Ok..u can go now" chanyeol said to him

He bow at baekhyun and go out

"What is that?" Baekhyun ask

"I don't know either..I will read now " chanyeol said and he tear the envelope and take out the letter and read

After a few second

"Young master..."

"What is that said?"

"This is from President "


" this letter...president said Byun company is suspected as a drug producing company"

"What!! "

"Young master...and it also said here...u r called to come to him and admit that u r wrong and get punishment..."

"I didn't do any mistakes so why m i going to admit?"

"And there also say that if u don't come by urself then he will send his men to arrest u with force"

"Let them come.."

"Young is not good to stay calm...we must find what is happening in ur industries "

"Imm..i guess u r right"


Baekhyun and chanyeol go to one of their industry and check their products..

"Chanyeol..look at every single thing"

"Nae young master. ."

Then after a few minutes chanyeol found something

"Young master...come and look here"

In the big box...

"Drug!!" Baekhyun was so shock

Then man loudspeaker speak from outside

"Byun baekhyun. We have
Warrant to arrest you so put ur hands behind ur head"

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