Rachel Berry moved with a lively gait through the halls of McKinley High School. She had done it. Had set her plan into motion and nothing could now dissuade her.

Finn should get ready for a night he would never forget. The reason of this is that Rachel was good at anything that she was setting her sight on! So it could not be anything else than a perfect evening for her and her strong football player.

Besides, she was finally able to go the last step to be the perfect Maria. She would perfect the way of playing this role. One thing she knew. She was born for this role, and nothing could stop her to play the Maria up to 200% perfect.

Not even her virginity, which could be with ease eliminated. She had after all a boyfriend, who loved her with all his heart, to help her with something like that.

And when the director says, that she must have sex now, then she would have sex. Nothing would stand in her way. Absolutely nothing. That she was sure of.

Although the director, Artie, was just ... some member of the Glee Club, who was in a wheelchair and, if she could say so, he does not have the vocal strength like her Finn. But who could even come close to her Finn? No one! Absolutely no one was the answer.

However, back to the topic at hand. Artie did not have the singing voice, but he excelled in other parts. Like ... dancing, dancing in a wheelchair is really ... amazing. She had to admit at this moment that Artie danced better in a wheelchair as Finn with his two left feet. But she could look over this little problem by his good looks and his amazing talent. Oh Finn ...

She found her destination finally, with a wide grin that showed her teeth shining on her face and with her head held high. Or rather, as she would like to say so, a certain Blaine Warbler leaning his head against a wall.

Blaine had recently transferred from Dalton to McKinley because of his boyfriend Kurt. And yes, that's right boyfriend. Like Lover, Boyfriend, the One and Only and soul mate. Just like her and Finn.

Well, only that Kurt and Blaine are both from the same sex and the appropriate word for it would be gay. Like her two fathers. The two fathers that she loved, in just a platonic sense, as much as Kurt and Blaine. She had although something going on with Blaine, even if it was just for a short time. If you could call it that.

She remembered too well, the amazing kiss that the two had shared. A kiss that almost measured up to the level of Finns kisses. But no one could hold a candle against Finn. Not in her eyes.

Rachel was also proud to have Blaine in the New Directions. With him in the glee club in her high school, they could only win. After all, such an amazing talent and so a great voice must be in the same club as Rachel. Although he did not reach the unattainable talent level as Rachel but who could compete even with Rachel? No one could, or had the audacity to dare so far.

A sad look met Rachel's cheerful one. This did not stop her to tell Blaine the most important, happiest and best news in the life of Rachel Berry.

With an even wider grin than before, she quickened her pace, and stood before Blaine. He had now erected himself and awaited with sorrow what Rachel would tell him that was so urgent.

He just hoped she would disappear as quickly as she had come. For, he was now clearly in no mood to take on a Rachel Berry. Not after having so many thoughts about sex with Kurt, that a headache was plaguing him now.

"Oh Blaine." She said in a shrill voice, which did not help to ease his headache but only to raise it to a completely new level. With a sigh, he nodded at her to continue. If Rachel had something on her mind, you could not dissuade her from it. He was at some point in such a situation. It was not pretty. Not at all.

Blaine should not be misunderstood in his way of thinking. He liked Rachel. He loved her very much. Especially since she was someone who supported his decisions and his relationship with Kurt 100%. She was a little too obvious and threw her opinions around her but that hardly bothered him.

Rachel was too loud, optimistic, and as big as a diva as Kurt, but she looked in his eyes only more loveable. And she was adorable when you could look over her usually vulgar nature, passed her big vocabulary and her loud and sometimes annoying way by. A small drawback to Rachel's character was just, that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve.

She could not see that Finn was not good for her. But who was he to tell her that and make her mad at him because she did not believe him, as always, when he addressed the issue. Her Finn could never do such a thing to her, ever. At that thought, he rolled his eyes.

"You will not believe it but my problem with Maria is solved," she said in a cheerful voice and clapped her hands. There he had to pinch his nose, because the clapping annoyed him just like her voice. Today was not a good day to get on his nerves.

Why could she not just stop and leave him alone with his problems. The problems, which she would surely discuss with him now. Oh what a joy.

"You know what I mean, don't you?" She asked and he nodded in his annoyed way. Of course he knew what she meant. How could he not. Finn had apparently managed to get her to sleep with him, on the pretense that she would play her role as Maria better. How typical. "Well, then we just need a plan for you and Kurt," she said the thing that he feared she would say.

He put a hand on her shoulder and tried to dissuade her from this discussion. "Rachel ..." he began, but was disrupted by her.

"I could talk to Kurt about it, if you like, or ..." she said to his horror. Oh please. Everything, just do not talk to Kurt. "Rachel ..." he tried again, only a little louder. She still did not listen, for she spoke without interruption.

"I could give you a new style, so Kurt can no longer contain himself, or ..." No new styling from Rachel Berry. He would probably end up in a sweater with a reindeer on it. He looked at her, from head to toe.

Well. Maybe not. Her styling has improved dramatically lately. So he would not find himself in an animal sweater perhaps. The idea was still a horror for him.

"Or ..." said Rachel, but he grabbed her by the shoulders, looked deeply into her eyes, and said. "Rachel. I do not want to think about it. OK? It is too much for me and ..." He made a pejorative sound, drove a hand through his hair and turned around.

He was about to walk away when her voice made him pause. "But ..." He closed his eyes briefly, out of desperation, wondering when she would finally disappear. Then he had an idea. If you wanted to dissuade Rachel Berry from an idea for a certain period, it would have to do with music, Glee, or a similar topic.

And that's what he could offer her. A grin, at that thought, flitted briefly across his lips as he turned to face her.

"I have an idea," he began with a mysterious voice. He could see how her eyes literally lit up and she was interested in his idea. Unfortunately, she thought only of the wrong topic. "How about that. You come with me to Dalton. I wanted to visit some of my friends," he said, and could see the light in her eyes slightly dim. He apparently had addressed it incorrectly.

"Blaine ..." she said in a shaky voice. He interrupted, however, adding immediately. "I mean the Warblers. They will surely sing a little number for us and we could see what competition we are up against, you know. Espionage." He says, wiggling his eyebrows.

Immediately her eyes shone on twice as bright and she nodded vigorously in agreement with her head. She could not wait to check out the competition and this showed in her behavior.

Turning around and slowly pulling back, she called over her shoulder "3:30 pm by me," with determination.

He shook his head again and was after all alone with his problems.

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