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Pen Your Pride

Chapter two

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*Jamie POV*

Today was the day I was leaving to go to London to live with my brother on tour. I woke up to see my bags packed and ready, I didn't want to leave my life that I had in Australia. Getting in to the shower I started to think about what life would be like living with Ashton and his band mates, I dried my hair a put it in a French plait and got change in a pair of black skinny and my this is who I am deal with it jumper and my favourite pair of black converse . I applied a bit of foundation and black eyeliner and red lipstick, I grabbed my iphone, iPad and other things and walked down stairs to have some beak fast which consisted of a pice of toast and some orange juice. Collected my bags and when outside to see Chloe, Sam and Jay waiting in Chloe's car for me. I said my last goodbyes to the house and got into the car. The car ride was silent when we got to the airport that's when it hit me that I would be leaving my life in Australia behind for a new life touring." Omg Chloe stop crying or you will make me cry this isn't the last goodbye " I say hugging my best friend, "Jay come here my little fairy god mother, you take good care of the group while I'm gone " I cry hugging Jay for the last time, " and last is the loveable Sam what can I say to you,oh yes is you hurt Jay I will cut your balls off and feed them to the fish " I say laughing hugging Sam. "Flights 173 to London boarding now" someone said over the announcement , " well that's my flight I better be going, I will miss you and I will never forget you " I cry pulling my 3 best friends into a group hug. Picking up my bags I let a tear role down my cheek. This was the last time I would be seeing my friends for along time. I walked to the plane not looking back. I found my seat and plugged my earphones in . The next thing I remember was someone tapping me on my shoulder telling me that we had landed in London , I sleepy got up and collected my bags and walked out in to the airport. To see a face that I haven't seen in a long time.

*Ashton POV*

I can't believe it my parents died and didn't get to say goodbye. I've been so down this week, the only thing that keeps me going is that my sister Jamie is coming to live with me and the boys on tour. It was the morning of which my sister was expecting to land. I got up had a shower, and put on my little pony tee shirt and black skinny ripped skinny jeans and black converses, and walked down stairs to see my band mates playing Fifa on the Xbox. I pick up my phone and walked started to out of the door trying not to be seen by my band mates, but that didn't happen as Luke saw me "hey ash where are u going " luke ask looking up from the tv , " I'm going to pick up my baby sister " I say waking out of the door. I got in the car that our manager had hired us "morning ashton where today " our dive Mark asked "To the airport please mark " I say checking the time on my phone. The car ride to the airport took about 10min, so I got there just in time, I got out of the car and thanked mark for dropping me off. The airport of buzzing with people so I made my way thought the maze of people to the gate that Jamie's plane was due in. Waiting there was the hardest as I hadn't seen my little sister in 2 year, to pass the time I tweet @aston_irwin waiting  at the airport to pick up my little sis @itsmejamie #littleirwin. Suddenly I hear a high pitched squeal making me nearly drop my phone , I look up to see a girl running towards me " ASH I've missed you so much " she squeals jumping into my arms , "I've missed you to little sis"I say giving Jamie a big hug "I can't believe you are living in tour with me and the boys " then it came back to me why Jamie was really on tour with us, I put my little sis down who is not so little, and picked up her bags. While walking to the car I thought it would be a good idea to see how she is coping after our parents being killed in a car crash, Jamie gave me a smile " not to bad actually what about you " Jamie asks "I try and keep my mind off the whole thing by drumming or song writting"I reply putting Jamie's bags in the boot of the car and getting In sitting next to Jamie. The car ride back to mansion was silent with only the sound of the keys on a phone going tap tap tap.

Jamie's POV
The truth was that I'm not coping after the whole thing with my parents, I only said I that was doing fine so Ashton wouldn't worry about me , the truth is I've been self harming I know it's bad but it's the only way I can forget about what happened, I don't want anyone to know because they will tell me to stop but the thing is I can't because when I do it I feel like I'm archive something.
I sit on my bed in my new room looking down at my arm and the raser blade that was beside me in a box that I keep my private stuff in. I was just about to place the raser blade to my skin when there was a knock at the door, in panic I placed the the raser blade in the box and pushed it under the covers, I pulled down the sleeves on my jumper and jumped off my bed and walked to the door and opened it to see my brothers face smiling at me " sis I just came up to tell u that me and the boys are going out and I was woudering if you wanted to come " he says smiling " I think I'm going to pass on that one and head to bed as I'm still tired from the flight " I say putting on a fake smile but the truth is I'm not going to bed I was going to do the one thing I have to do everyday to forget what happened.

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