Chapter Eight The Trick and Small Assets

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Damion and Draco ate little durring lunch, ancious for their meeting with the Weasley twins. As soon as they finnished they excused themselves from their friends and left the hall.

:So, where is this Rowena Room? And why haven't I heard of it: Draco asked as he followed his brother up the stairs.

:The seventh floor! But we're only on the third! It'll take forever to get there: Draco stared at his brother in horror.

:No, it whon't. Quite being a Drama Queen, I know a short cut once we hit the next landing.: He hurried up the stairs with Draco behind him muttering about 'not being a drama queen'.

He stopped in front of a painting of an old lady in a rocking chair, bowing polightly, "Pardon me, Ma'am, but may we pass?"

The old lady smiled at him, "But of course, Laddy." The painting swung forward reveiling another stair case. Damion quickly started up the stairs with Draco following behind. At the top of the small staircase was another painting, Damion pushed it out and stepped out into the hall.

"We thank you, Ma'am." He bowed again. Draco blinked as he realised it was another painting of the same old lady, she smiled and waved them off as they started away. "That was Lady Mc'Dorlwent, a sweet old lady."

"Where are we now?" Draco asked, he had never been in this part of the castle before. He gazed around in intrest.

"The seventh floor, the Rowena room is around the corner here." He smirked as Draco stared.

"Impossible! We were just on the third floor landing!"

"And now we're on the Seventh floor. There are many staircases like the one we just used, you just need to know how to find them. There's one on the second floor that leads to the Gryffindor Common room corridor and another that leads from the dungeons to the Charms corridor. Quite useful that." He stopped before a large picture of a beautiful woman in royal blue. She was quite intellegent looking with her deep brown hair and bright knowing blue eyes.

"Hello, dears! What are you doing this far from the rest of the castle?" She addressed them with a slight smile.

"Lady Rowena, It's me, Harry. Well, Damion, now. This is my twin brother Draco." He smiled at the friendly portrait, he had made friends with Rowena back in third year when he was exploring the castle one night trying to relax.

"A pleasure to meet you dear," She smiled at Draco, "I take it your meeting those two rascals the Weasley twins, they are inside, have fun, loves." Rowena swung forward to reveal an arch in the wall. Damion lead Draco inside and sure enough Fred and George Weasley were sitting on a couch with a notebook and some other papers between them.

Fred looked up as the door opened, "Hey, mates! We were just dealing with a little buisness while we were waiting, come on in." He and George started packing up the papers as Damion and Draco joined them in front of the fire.

"So," said George, "You whant our help getting a touch of revenge on little Ronniekens, eh?" He grinned mischieviously. Damion and Draco nodded.

"Especially after-"

"What he did to Hermione." Damion finnished Draco's sentence angrilly. Fred and George exchanged amused glances.

"I see you've-"

"Discovered the habit-"

"Of finishing each-"

"Other's sentances."

"Wait, what do you mean,"

"'After what he did to Hermione.'"

"What did he do?'

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