Chapter 2

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I sigh at the confused face sitting on the opposite side of the bed. "I despise writing class completely." Her face scrunches up at the paper below her, unable to start.
I roll my eyes, placing my pencil on her paper and a finger on the book, The Scarlet Letter. "If you read the book," I retort to Embry. "You would understand that the minister was the one who had gotten her pregnant."
She smiles, jotting down every word to answer her question. "Thanks!" She sweetly says, moving onto the next question. I smirk.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever keeps your grades up." Instead of despising giving her answers, I enjoy the event of it. It makes me feel like I'm needed for something, and it also lets me know that she's keeping good grades and the ability to talk to me with my help.
But today, it's different. I can't seem to shake off the significance of the dark cat I had seen today. How had it gotten down? How had it gotten up? Why was it there? These questions flood my mind and more.
I stare outside my window, trying to find a solution to these questions, but nothing seems to logically fit. I begin to feel frustrated when I can't find the answer.
"Trin!" Embry's voice pulls me out of my blank state, and I shake my head slightly.
"Yeah? Sorry." I stare at her paper, surprised that all the questions are finished.
"You aren't yourself today. Do you want to go outside and get some air?" She asks me, concern crossing her face. I sigh, knowing that she won't let this go.
"Yeah, sure. That's what I need." I try to smile reassuringly, and swing my legs out of my comforter. I strut towards the door, her footsteps following mine in synchronization.
As I slide open the back door leading to my backyard, a blast of cool, spring air hits me. I smell the scent of my mother's roses, perfectly feeling like peace and calm.
I walk over to the old tree, staring at the rough bark of the foundation. I place the bottom of my shoe on one of the lowest branches, my hands grasping the higher ones. One by one, I start to scale the old oak until I manage to reach the peak.
Up here, I'm as high as the birds, and can almost feel as if I'm touching the sun. I can see everything, and everything can see me.
I smile warmly, reaching my inner happy place. I remember when I was a child, and I would climb up here just to pretend that I ruled the world. Sadly, the same thing that happened to everyone happened to me, and I stopped believing that everything would get better. But I still liked to think and pretend that they could.
"Trinity! Come down from there! You could get hurt!" My anxious friend worries from below, but I just smirk in a sort of cocky way.
"Nah, that's just you! You're the klutz here, Em!" I call down to her, loosening my grip on the tree in a brave and courageous manner.
My luck was turned down in just that moment. I swear, I heard it. And I know I saw it when I turned around after hearing a meow. But I definitely felt it when it attacked me, the fur colliding with my skin.
I dropped from the height, a pain entering the back of my neck as I collided with a thick branch. "Trinity!" Embry's voice screamed when I finally crashed with the hard ground.
I heard a snap, knowing perfectly well that something had broken. I felt my head move to Embry's lap, and concerned voices around me. But this was all I remembered before I faded out of consciousness.
-Embry's POV-
"Trinity!" I screeched as her body collided with the ground in a limp way. I sprinted by her side, pulling her head into my lap. Her eyes fluttered shut, straight out of reality.
I looked into the house, and only saw her little sister. "Henley!" I cried desperately. "Get help! Trinity needs you!" I started to feel tears brim my eyes. I felt her for a pulse, and received a small pang of relief when I felt a flutter of life in her.
I heard footsteps running towards my direction, and saw her mother. She, before grabbing her hand tightly, yelled at me, "Embry! What happened?"
I found myself unable to speak when I uncontrollably began to sob. I looked at my hand supporting her neck and almost screamed at the sight of red liquid.
I could handle it at this moment. But not when I saw the cat staring at me, the one that had only shortly been at the top of the tree moments before.

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