~he visits you outside of work~

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It was Saturday, meaning you didn't have to work tonight. They had another employee for the weekends- his name was Mike as you heard. He knew all about the animatronics having friendly relationships with you, and even knew about you and Freddy. Mike was absolutely mortified once he found out, but was happy that the animatronics promised they would TRY not to kill him. A very big TRY... All your friends went out without you knowing today, so you had nothing to do. You were just bored laying down on your lovely couch with the fan blowing on you.Only wearing a T-shirt and panties since it was extremely hot in your house. As you lazily scanned the room for some entertainment, you spotted your old karaoke machine by the closet. A sly grin creeped it's way to you face. To pass the time you were to sing karaoke! You pulled out the old, dusty machine and put a random disk in it. You turned it up real loud, purposely to annoy your snobby rich neighbors. The beginning of the song 'I will always love you' began playing, and you sang along with Whitney's voice. Then the chorus came...
You grabbed a box of tissues from the table and randomly
started throwing them around your house, still singing. Then suddenly, you bumped into something-er, someone. You looked up to see Freddy with the most confused face ever. You blushed, turned off the music, and stared at Freddy meekly.
"What on earth were you doing? Now your house is a mess...are you doing...drugs?" He asked.
You started laughing uncontrollably and replied, "N-no Freddy!" You stuttered out between giggles.
Freddy was about to say say something again until you shoved a mic in his face.
"SING WITH ME," you demanded.
It was a long night for the poor robot...

Bonnie bunny~

You were out with your friend Faust for ice cream, since it was very hot outside. You were glad you got weekends off work. Sitting in your office got boring eventually. Even though Bonnie was there to keep you company and entertain you- but there isn't much to do in the pizzeria. So, right now you were just passing time at a local ice cream parlor. Eating (fav ice-cream), while Faust sat across from you with the most miserable look ever. A thin layer of sweat covering the both of you, from the strange extreme heat. You felt like shoving that ice cream in your face it was so hot.
"What in the actual fuck?! It's to hot!" Faust groaned.
You nodded in agreement. Then suddenly, there was a loud crash and a strange splattering noise. Everyone's head turned to the direction of the noise, and you saw what looked a lot like your boyfriend covered in strawberry ice-cream on the floor. The purple haired male blushed, grinning sheepishly, before walking over to your table.
"God, now I know why it's so hot today!" Faust winked at bonnie.
You punched her arm playfully, "that's my boyfriend dumbass!" You said handing him a napkin.
Bonnie blushed cleaning himself up, then sat in the chair next to you.
"What brings you out here Bon Bon?" You asked, tilting your head in a cute manner.
This made bonnie blush more and he replied, "I missed my angel..."
You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, earning 'aw's' from people in the parlor.
"Ugh...I need a relationship like this. Also, if you EVER fucking hurt my bae, I will find you and fuck you up!" Faust growled.
Bonnie put an arm around your waist, nuzzling into your neck and nodded.

Chico the chicken~

It was a late night on a Sunday. Eleven p.m to be exact, and there wasn't much to do. There wasn't many events this late at night, all you friends were sleeping, and you had the day off. Not like the pizzeria was fun anyway but working made the time fly. Right now you were laying in the middle of your living room floor in you pajamas. Trying to think of something to entertain you. You started to wonder what your boyfriend is doing. Was he trying to kill mike...? Knowing him, He was probably just stuffing his face with pizza. Thinking about Chico and pizza was starting to make you hungry-specifically for pizza. So with a groan, you reached over for the phone and typed in the 'pizza hut' number.
It rang a few times before a voice answered,"Hello this is Pizza Hut! How may I help you?"
"Hi! I would like a (pizza size) (pizza flavor) pizza please. For delivery," you said.
"Okay I just need your phone number and address" the more you heard the voice over the phone, the more familiar it sounded.
You told the voice your address and phone number, and a few moments later your pizza arrived. With a smile you opened the door with the money in hand. To your surprise, Chico stood in your door way with a pizza box in his hand and in a Pizza Hut uniform. You knitted your brows together in confusion, as he did the same.
"You work at Pizza Hut!? I thought you worked at fazfucks! I'm surprised your not sick of pizza..." You said.
"Sitting at the pizzaria is boring-especially since your not there...." He replied
"Mike is there."
"Yeah but we can't kill him, so it's no fun," Chico puffed his cheeks out in a pout.
You mentally facepalmed and took the pizza from chicos hands. He's your boyfriend, so you should get free pizza right? Who cares if he gets fired, it's not you problem...that sounds kinda cold hearted- oh well he's just a robot.
"Thanks for the free pizza babe!" Then you closed the door, leaving a panicking Chico outside.

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