JayJay's P.O.V.

I walk into the mall and see Taylor and The girls. They were all laughing, they didn't need me, and I didn't need them. I wanted to be there friend. I walk up to Cam and he smiles. I hug him, and smile back. I turn to everyone and they all frown a bit. I fake a smile and hang back a bit.

I look around and see nothing I want to do besides the theater. "Hey Cam?" I say just loud enough for him to hear.

"Ya?" He turns and stops infront of me.

"I'ma go watch a movie" I say smiling and shifting from both feet uncomfortably.

"I'll go with you" He says genuinely and pulls me into a hug. I gently push away from him and he kinda rolls his eyes.

I mean, the last guy I could really be friends with cheated on a really close friend with me. It kinda sucks, actually it really sucks.

He has to realize that. I walk into the center, and up to the booth. I look to Cameron. "What do you wanna watch?" I ask him looking back to the light up thing.

"Dumb and dumber to" I frown and he laughs.

"I saw it with my family, it sucks" I say defensively.

"Really, come on" he says pleading me. I stand my ground and shake my head.

"No" I say loud and clearly. I run my hands through my hair and my curls bounce back. I cave in. "Fine, plus I need a nap" He laughs and grabs our tickets.


I walk out of the theater sleepily. I yawn and stretch. I hear a laugh, and some girls look at me like I'm crazy.

"You wanna go watch dumb and dumber and see how you like it" I retort quietly, they didn't look like girls who would even consider watching a movie like that.

I look around and the world feels like it's spinning. I try to continue foreward but trip on my own feet. I fall on my butt, and wait a few seconds, to get back up. Cameron offers his hand, but I stand up on my own. He huffs.

"Okay, I stood up for you in front of everyone. I took your side. What's going on?" He says breathily and frustrated.


Okay, so sorry if you wanted an update. Love ya!!!! ✌!!!!


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