"Love, does it start with jealousy?"


James POV

After firing that bitch of a secreatary i had because she's stupid and doesn't know how to obey my rules. She keeps on flirting with me and i hate that. Almost all of my secretary was fired because they keep flriting with me. They just dont know boundaries.

Thanks to Denrick who voluntered to hire a new one for me, cause i had enough with those kind of secretary. I warned him i don't like another secretary who flirt with me and he said that this secretary prioritize work than boys so i told him i'm good if she's like that. But what the heck, she's 10 minutes late and i really don't like people who go to work late. I need to give that damn new secretary a good scolding.

But i never expect that my new secretary will be the one i saw earlier in the entance. Well she doesn't look flirty and dress sluty so thats a good sign that she wouldn't flirt with me when office hours. She's indeed gorgeous. I won't deny that fact. I tried hard to ignore her and be the James i am but she's distracting, but in a good way. She's beautiful, really pretty indeed. She even look like a model. She looked familiar. And there is something in her that caught my interest. Damn i dont even put much attention with girls around me. I really want to scold her but seeing her eyes and that face, it caught me off guard and i hate it. Atleast i've manage to tell her to leave, making me a coffee as an excuse. Something is wrong with me. I'm thinking like gay right now, fuck i don't even know her.

When she go to get my coffee i decided to go in my private room. And yes i have a room in my office. Sometimes i over work and sleep in here because its more convenient. Something like a mini room to sleep with. Weird i know but i like it that way. No one has been in this room. No one even know that i have this room in my office. Well Gab surely know that i have this kind of room but she never got the chance to see it.

Gab was the only employee that i trust because she never tried to flirt with me and she really focus in her work, thats why she stayed here the longest.

I was trying to calm myself, and i dont even know why i'm feelig like this. This is a first. A woman making me feel unsure. That woman is unbelieveable. Her vibe is different. What the hell she's doing to me. This is the first time i saw her and she's already giving me some weird feelings.

Think straight James, she's just a secretary. Yeah just a secretary, i need to calm now and in fact i'm her boss. And for goodness sake why the hell i'm acting like this? I'm doomed!

I opened the door and saw my new secretary staring at me. Then after blinking a few times, i think she's back in reality. *sarcasm*

"Sir your coffee is already in your table" Stop smiling will you? I almost voice that out. She has that sweet attractive smile and i want to yell at her for giving me that smile. How can a girl look so angelic yet so sexy?

"Okay thank you Ms. Lustre" i said nonchantly.

I walk pass her and sat on my chair. I start doing my work but she's distracting me. I am distracted by her presence. I don't know if she does it on purpose or it's just me always looking at her. The way she stare at her computer, the way her brow furrowed and the way her eyes glint. I cant take my eyes of her. This is bad. The first time i laid my eyes on her in the entrance was something i can't explain. I never paid attention and she caught me without even trying. It feels like i've known her before. And the fact that she look so vulnurable and innocence make me drawn to her. Stop thinking about her James! YOU NEED TO FOCUS! JAMES FOCUS! JUST IGNORE HER!

I shouldn't give her that table. Actually that table is not for my secretary. The table i gave her is a spare. The real table of a secretary is outside the wooden door in my office. I have two doors. The glass door and the wooden door. Confusing i know.

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