Mark's P.o.v

As we pulled up into my drive way i got out the car and realized she was alsleep so i picked her up and brought her into my house. I took her upstairs to my room and laid her down in my bed. I figured i would just sleep in one of my many other rooms and let her sleep alone in my bed. As soon as i got to the room across the hall from mine i head her screaming.

Cassie's p.o.v

Sitting in the car with him was boring so I went to sleep. I'm not even drunk. I was kidding. He swore up and down that I was serious so I just figured why not have a little fun with it. As soon as I closed my eyes a felt a pair of strong arms pick me up bridal style and carry me somewhere , I'm assuming was his house.
I was laid down in a bed then I heard a door shut close. As I got up to look around I saw a spider so I screamed then Mark came running into the room.

"What's wrong??!" He said with a worried look on his face.

"I saw a spider!" I said running to him while he was laughing.

"It's never that serious."

"Shut up. Do you have any aspirin? My head hurts like shit!" I said rubbing my head going along still making him think I was drinking before he came to get me.

"Yeah. Let me go get it and a bottle of water." He said. As he came back with the aspirin and water after I took it we both say on the bed.

"You know in the car you called me daddy right?"

"I would never. Stop playing with me boy." I said not believing him.

" No I'm for real. You said 'Zamnn Zaddy' to me" he said laughing.

"Whatever." I said laughing a little bit too. As our laughter died down we were both looking at each other. As I was looking into his eyes he kept looking at my lips. 'Ohhhh myyy goodness' I thought. He's gonna kiss me!! He licked his lips then stated to lean in and he kissed me. It wasn't a ordinary peck type of kiss. Tongue and everything was involved.

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