"Luke." I say as I slowly amble into his room where I see him sitting here, heartbroken.
As soon as I say his name,he turns toward the window which is opposite to where I am standing.
Just as I thought the silence would be a monotonous tone that would be inevitable, I hear him say my name.
"Val.."he says as he slowly turns around to look at my face. I am horrified by his sad eyes and red checks, symbols of his sadness that he feels for me and what Matt did.
"Val." He says as he stands up.
"How could you f*cking stay with him.. Or even be with him in the first place.?" He says as he starts to pace around the room, shaking his head in confusion.
"Luke.. He's changed!! I'm not stupid.. I know what you're doing." I say,sensing that this is all an act, seducing me and tempting me into thinking luke was better than Matt.
"You think this is a game? How f*cking stupid can you be... Can't you see that he's manipulating you into thinking that he's a "new Matt" and all that shit. HE RAPED YOU. That doesn't change."
Before, I know it I'm bawling. Luke's words pierce my heart, causing a pain throughout my whole body that is indescribable. How can someone's words cause all of this pain? And the fact that he thinks I'm stupid,,no.
"Before you know it, you will catch him in his lie." He yells as he sits on the bed again, still waist-wrapped in my white towel.
"Luke STOP." I yell as the hot tears flow from my eyes onto my cheeks, soaking them with my sadness.
"HE HAS CHANGED. DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT ABOUT SOMEONE WHO I LOVE." I say as sit myself, slowly on the floor.
"How can't you see it.. YOURE BLIND VAL.. HES MANIPULATING YOU INTO THINKING THAT HE LOVES YOU WHEN IN REALITY HE IS OBSESSED WITH YOU IN A SICK WAY. " Luke yells as he storms out of the door.. I then hear a dissatisfying pop..
"Don't try to manipulate her, you bastard." I hear as I realize what is going on.. I then hear a door shutting and feet stomping on the floor, coming towards me.
It's luke, with bruises along his knuckles. He punched Matt..
"Luke, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING." I yell as Luke walks Back into the rooms. I say this as I realize what had happened.
" he needs to be straightened out,, I know the truth Val. He's sick." He says as the tone of his voice lowers as he sits back on the bed.
"Luke I'm leaving. I don't believe any of this shit that you're saying.. just deal with the fact that I will never be with you, ever again. Just get that through your hard head." I say As my voice gradually increases in volume. I hear a loud gull escaping from Luke's closed mouth.
"Well. You. Should go. Because I don't want to associate with stupid, repenting people right now.." He says as he looks me straight in the eyes.
"leave." He says as he gets up and physically pushes me out the door, shutting it loudly behind me.

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