The Limits Of Magic

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"W-what are you guys doing here?" Tobias asked Ben and Claire. It's very unlike them to skip school. Claire let go of me and Ben walked to her side.

"When you weren't at school Claire got worried so we went looking for you." Ben said calmly.

"Thanks guys." Tobias said with a small smile. "And, I don't really feel like going to school." He said looking at the ground.

"Well with what happened you shouldn't have to." James said. "Come on let's head to my place." James said stepping onto his skate board and skating in the direction of his house. We followed him to his house, he made sure not to get to far ahead of us. 

His house wasn't much. He didn't really have a big house or anything, it was pretty much a ground level house that was dull and trashed looking. With the time and how everything, like almost all the houses, look something like this tho those houses are usually abandoned. He picked up his skate board and kicked the door open walked inside leaving the door open for them. 

They walked in and just like the outside, it was trashed. Well, there was junk everywhere, and he was just to careless to pick it up. But of course they never hangout in the living room and the ground level where most of the damage was. They would usually just hangout in the basement, it was a little cleaner in there and it was much safer than the rest of the house.

"You know James you could at least try to pick all this stuff up." Claire said as they walked to the stairs to the basement.

"Yeah, I could... but I'm not gonna, princess." James said. Ben rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Claires waist. James would call her princess a lot. It didn't really bother her that much. Her use to call her that while they were together and now its simply to annoy her. James pointed at the couch and looked to the others. 

"Sit. Now. I have something I want to show you guys." He said as he picked up a crumpled up newspaper and sat on his computer chair with wheels. They did as he said and sat on the couch and watched James attentively. "Okay so there's this thing that I've found out I can do and I think it's pretty awesome." He said with a smirk as he watched the newspaper he held in the palm of his hand. Just then smoke started rising from it and the paper caught on fire. The fire then grew bit by bit and went out as James closed his hand into a fist. Tobias watched wide eyed along with Ben, while Claire watched with interest. 

"That's amazing! But how?" Tobias exclaimed as he turned to look at Claire. 

"I-I guess it makes sense." She said as she looked at Tobias. "I mean it isn't impossible that this could happen..." 

"C'mon you're the Angel! You've gotta know more about this sorta stuff." James said to Claire. 

"My dad did tell me a bit about this stuff but he said it wasn't confirmed yet!" She told him. Claires father is a scientist that had been studying Pryet since it had first arrived on earth. He had been trying to create a cure and figure out how all of these disasters could have happened.

"What did he tell you?" Ben asked.

"He told me that this disease isn't just something caused by war but more something cause by Earth being abandoned. He said that he is almost sure God had left earth to destroy itself around 2054 when world war three started. That's why there are so many natural disasters everywhere and why he hasn't been able to contact my mother, if God has left the Angels and Demons are at war..."

"Damn it!" James yelled spinning his chair around and jumping off to punch a wall. "And to think I had the slightest bit of fucking hope! Even God has left us now!" He yelled punching the wall more as his hands became red and the wall began to burn. 

"Stop you're gonna break the wall and burn this place down!" Benjamin said standing up alarmed. 

"What's the point we're all doomed anyway!" James said as he stopped beating the wall to look Ben in the eyes. 

"The point is, is that we are alive and we can still make something out of this world. Whatever its fate may be it can always be changed." Ben said as his eyes flashed dark red and returned to his brown eyes. James shook his head in frustration.

"Well how bout you three go to Dr. Davis' house and I'll meet you there." He told them grabbing his skateboard and heading up the stairs.

"And where are you going?!" Claire demanded. 

"I'm going to go loot whatever else I can from the stores." He called to them before making it up the steps and out the door. 

"He's such an idiot sometimes..." Claire mumbled crossing her arms. Benjamin looked at both of them.

"But we should head over to Mr. Davis' house, he could probably clear a bit more of this up." He told us. Claire nodded and they left.

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