Prologue (Chapter 0)

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Drip... Drip....

Eddie Donaldson sat in a big office chair, surrounded by men wearing long, black trench coats and white masks with a smile painted across them. The Skull, is what they called themselves. Assailants who had been "sent from death" on missions to rid the world of evil and to bring justice to the surface. If most people had heard someone say something like that, society would believe them to be crazy, and shun them from the rest of the world. But Eddie knew differently.

Eddie knew that whatever they said, was the truth.

Any words that had come out of the mouths of The Skull had been true. Evil. Demons. Death. The very thought of that.... thing, brought a sudden cold shudder to Eddie. A couple of days ago, he was blind to the very fact that such a thing as demons could exist; or for that matter, the Grim Reaper could be real, and yet here he was, surrounded by his council....

Drip.... Drip..

Eddie wiped his forehead and looked at them with a bit of a smile on his face. Adjusting his tie and watching all of the masked faces turn in unison towards him, Eddie gulped and leaned forward.

"Gentlemen... I seem to have forgotten what we were talking about... Could I quickly be reminded by one of you?"

The member sitting straight across from Eddie reached for the bottom of their masked and pulled it up. A short, gray stubble of hair sprouted out from the bottom of the mask, along with a pair of cracked lips that had parted their words of wisdom long ago.

"Mr. Donaldson, we were discussing what you were going to give us in exchange for our service. Your company, Atlus, has seen very mysterious things around your office. Weeks ago, one of your employees committed suicide, due to stress and work related issues. Since his death and disappearance, we of The Skull have lost something that was in our possesion."

Eddie knew why his employee had killed himself. Why he had taken his way out. Eddie, and Eddie alone had caused the death of the man. Denying him of a raise, not giving him the money he needed to extend his wife's life. She had died, which brought his employee spiraling down into depression, and guilt...... So he jumped. Splattering himself against the pavement and freeing his neglected, poor soul, he had killed himself. Eddie had thought that it was the end of that fiasco and everything that had possibly brought harm to his company.

But then they arrived. The Skull. They showed him.... Showed him what was coming for him... Eddie had been terrified, so he called his little meeting in order to obtain protection from what had been ready to attack him. Eddie felt a bead of sweat push down the side of his face, down his neck.

Drip.... Drip..

Eddie wiped the bead of sweat away and adjusted his tie once again. He was running out of time, and he knew it. If he didn't say something, and something fast, he was in serious trouble. 'Trouble.... Yeah right.... If I don't say something that is worth of value to them, I'm gonna end up at the bottom of well, with my blood being what's pulled back up!' Eddie leaned forward and looked at the watch on his hand. The cruel hands of the clock stared back and slowly ticked by with every waiting second. Eddie swallowed again, and found his voice.

"I planned on giving you, and your organization, a 85% share of my company. Now, that 85% includes, travel expenses, alcohol, fame, fortune. Whatever your hearts desire."

One of them, with their feet up on the table, pulled their mask up a bit to reveal a soft pair of lips that were curled into a smile. "Ooh! That sounds nice!"

The high pitched girly squeals of the member with their mask pulled up was quickly shushed by the elder member.

"Quiet, Gemini!"

The member known as Gemini pulled their mask back down and sulked back into their chair. Eddie almost felt bad as he watched the small figure of the girl slump back, but he was quickly reminded that these people had served death, and they were eager to arrive at his call.

"Now..... Mr. Donaldson. Need I remind you that we of The Skull, have absolutely no interest in material things. Everything that you've told us, can only attain us, material items.... Now, you've wasted our time, offered us useless items, and lied your way so you could delay the inevitable." The man with the grayed beard had rummaged through his coat while speaking and pulled out a pocket watch. Opening it and tossing it across the table towards Eddie, the watch skidded and stopped in front of him.

Eddie looked down at the watch and picked it up. Gazing at the face of the watch and seeing the hands swing around faster than normal, Eddie froze in horror as his eyes stopped against the shining object that had caught his attention.

In the place of the number twelve, a skull held its place. Eddie dropped the pocket watch and pulled his hand away, eyes wide with horror. The familiar wispy voice of the gray bearded man rang throughout the air and echoed off the walls, trapping itself in Eddie's ears.

"Time's up."

Eddie looked back up and noticed all the members of The Skull standing, one of them holding out a lantern that overflowed at the edges with glowing, green flame. A crack of black tore through the white of the lantern and exploded out into the room. Eddie covered his eyes and felt them pull away from his face as the spectral form of a clawed man with his head pulled back screamed in his face. Eddie recognized the man and quickly tried to turn on his feet, trying to escape from the soul of the dead employee who had been haunting him for weeks.

Getting snared at his legs and being pulled from them, Eddie clawed at the ground, trying to pull himself away as he felt a bone in his leg break. Holding his screams in and being flipped over onto his back, Eddie stared back into the face of the death that awaited him.


The sickening sound of skin being broken and flesh being strewn erupted through the air. Splashes of gore and blood towered up to the ceiling and across the walls of the room. The members of the Skull smiled from behind their masks and watched as the spirit that ripped Eddie Donaldson apart returned to the lantern like a dog. The flame died out and turned back into the sheet of paper with a rubbed out splotch of blood next to the "Sign Here" part. The man holding the paper folded it and shoved it back into his pocket. Stepping over the body of Eddie Donaldson and giving a click of his tongue, the man walked briskly out the door and was soon gathered by all the members of The Skull. The room that Eddie Donaldson died in was soon quiet, and all that was left, was a corpse and blood everywhere. The blood from the ceiling crawled down from its home and fell down onto the face of Eddie.

Drip..... Drip.....

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