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Okay, so this here is a rant. I'm sick and tired of finding Mary-Sues. Everywhere I go I see one. It's horrific.

For example, I'll make a Mary-Sue for the anime fandom, Hetalia.

Name: Ashely Heath
Age: 15
Appearance: Majestically long blonde hair and stunning green eyes.
Personality: Loving, caring, cute, strong, determined, shy, outgoing, and FABULOUS!
Family: FRANCE!
Friends: She is friends with everyone. And all of her friends have crushes on her!
Enemies: No one.

I died making this. It's so horrible, I almost cried.

So yeah, this is what most Mary-Sues most like. It seems normal and fine towards the beginning, but when you get to the personality it gets horrible. You can't be shy and outgoing at the same time, unless your bipolar.

I'm sorry about this rant. It's just that Mary-Sues are so annoying.

Also, any of you who are waiting for me to update I Won't Leave You, I promise that will be out soon. The next chapter I've been working on for some time now. I just want this next chapter to be perfect.

Thanks for reading my rant! Bye!

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