Chapter 8 The Academy

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Zekoa told his story to the humans. He surprised himself by this, but then again all he wanted was to talk to someone, anyone.
"Our story isn't near as sad. When a boy turns 10 he gets sent to the Academy to bond and sync with a dragon using Dragon Sync. We hated how the dragons were being treated so we left," Isaac said.

"Wait you know Dragon Sync?" Zekoa asked, perking up.

"It's limited but yeah," Liam said.

"Tell me about it," Zekoa said in a surprisingly pleading tone.

"Alright, only if I can assess you as I tell you, I wonder how you've grown compared to Puppet Dragons," Liam said, then added, "Puppet Dragons are what we call the Academy dragons."

Zekoa thought for a second, "alright, but I advise you be careful." Liam smiled with a wide grin and got closer to Zekoa. They had been talking a few days, but Zekoa still didn't really trust them, not yet anyway. Liam took his advice and approached slowly, showing his hands before carefully touching his horns that covered his ear holes.

"Dragon Sync is an ancient technique that if the rider and dragon have a strong bond, then they can become one, the rider taking over the dragon's body." Liam moved down to his slender neck. "The rider must keep a hand on the dragon, so sometimes they add something to the saddle to hold down their hand, if the rider dies during the sync, the dragons dies, but the dragon can die without the rider knowing." Liam opened Zekoa's wing, before closing it back and moving onto his legs, brushing under neath his wing joint. Zekoa let out a purr unexpectedly, which ended with a growl.

"Found your sweet spot," Liam said and winked.

"I'm not afraid to bite you know," Zekoa growled, feeling embarrassed.

Liam chuckled and moved onto his tail, opening the fans on his tail that looked like a smaller pair of wings that helped him in the air.

"Did you know that a female's tail looks like a fan that you cool yourself with when they open it?" Isaac chimed in randomly.

"I bet Pyra's would look stunning," Liam mumbled and got up. "Well Zekoa, you're gonna be able to do great things, your slender frame will help you in the air and your sharp mind will help anywhere," Liam said with a smile.

"Great, because I plan on taking down the Academy," Zekoa gowled.

Liam laughed nervously and looked at Isaac for confirmation, who shrugged in confusion.

"There's no way you can take down the Academy, you'll be killed before you even get inside," Liam said seriously.

"You can't seriously be thinking of doing that, you're too smart for that," Isaac said, almost angrily.

Zekoa snorted, but looked down, like it or not the humans were right. Isaac got up and sat down nect to Zekoa, uncomfortably close. Zekoa shifted his weight before Liam sat down too, and a cold wind kicked up. All three of them shivered and the humans laid down next to Zekoa for his warmth.

"Do you mind? This is... a little close..." Zekoa said uncomfortably.

"It's okay Zekoa, we'll keep each other warm tonight, then figure out a way to destroy the Academy in the morning," Isaac mumbled as a light snow began to fall.

Zekoa looked at them both. Such strange creatures, one moment they're staying close to stay alive, the next they're pushing a dagger through the heart of what kept them alive. Zekoa fiddled with his chain that kept him from leaving, he felt frustrated having to recieve help from humans, yet for the first time in life, he felt safe.

Zekoa settled down next to them, and closed his eyes as another cold wind kicked up, making all three of them shiver again.

They can help me, but they'll never ride me, Zekoa thought as he drifted off to sleep

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