Hi, I'm Shane

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 Hi, um, eh, I am Shane, and sometimes I am Shayna, but right now I’m Shane. Shane Nottingham. I live in England with my mom, dad and three sisters. My father works as the sheriff, he is the prince’s John’s right hand. He tells me that one day I will succeed him in his work as the right hand of prince Jonathan. I don’t mind, well mostly. Jonathan is ok but dad says that his role is to take money from peasants, he doesn’t mind it, it’s his work and the money belongs rightfully to the crown after all, but I feel kinda sad for the poor people.

Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I sneak out of the castle and bring them food, clothing or even part of the money pops collected that day.

That’s why I dress as a girl, to not be recognized because dad would be angry if he caught me stealing taxes from the crown and giving it to some villagers. Well that and I sometimes really do feel differently, like a girl, at least I think that’s how a girl feels. And then I beg my friends to call me Shayna. I also learned to sew but I’m not very good at it. My friend Violet is much better. She says that I should enter the Drama club because she is sure that I would make a good actor. Maybe I will try it but I usually get stage fright very easily. My parents always told me that I’m too shy for a future sheriff. Sigh, maybe attending the drama club regularly would make me less nervous in front of the crowds.

Author’s note: I don’t pretend to be an expert on the psychology of queer/non-binary persons. Shane is just a fictional character, not a real life human being and besides this is just one short diary entry. Just to be clear, I don’t want to offend any genderfluid people with creating this character.

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