Chapter 11

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Kira sat in the den with a jaded colored dragon braiding her hair.

"My my you do have lovely hair. Such fine and long too. Your father must be proud." She said.

"Thank you but I still barely know my father." Kira replied.

"Well lass, maybe I can enlighten you a bit." The dragon purred putting white roses in her hair.

"Is she ready?" Remus asked poking his head in the room.

"Yes my king." The dragon replied. Kira stood up and looked at herself in the glass mirror. She gasped at the young woman staring back at her.

"Amazing." Kira breathed. The white dress she had on when she arrived had been sewn back up and she was given a few more dresses. Sasha was perched on her shoulder looking at herself in the mirror.

"Is that a clone of me?" She asked.

"No that's your reflection." Kira replied messing with her braid. Remus walked over and nuzzled the top of his daughter's head.

"Let's get you ready to meet the flock." He said helping Kira onto his back. The jade dragon sighed and clambered over to her nest.

"Be glad your youngling isn't like your other one. He is insane in the head with those blessed powers he got." She growled.

"You had another one?" Kira asked.

"He was gifted from someone else. I adopted him in after his dragon father was killed." Remus explained.

"I see......can I meet him?"

"Oui you already have little lady." A voice cackled. Kira yelped and tumbled off Remus. Dobius was perched on a ledge above them.

"Dobius?" Kira asked

"Hello little sis." He said smiling. Remus flicked his tail and rolled his eyes.

"Young one you know better than to be so sneaky." Remus growled.

"Sorry father. The swamp was fun to stay in but now I love being with this little run." He chuckled and jumped down next to Kira. She squeaked as the sorcerer hugged her.

"Don't mess up her braid!" The jaded dragon snapped. Dobius let go and smirked.

"Now she is off to her coronation. This should be fun to watch." He said. Remus guided Kira out of the chamber with Dobius walking next to them.

"So what will happen at the coronation?" Kira asked.

"We will show you tot he crowd and you will earn your dragon gem." Remus explained.

"And what does that do?" Kira asked.

"Easy, you get to become a dragon and get your mate. The stone shines the brightest when you find your ideal mate." Dobius explained.

"This should be fun then." Kira mumbled trudging ahead. The main hall was filled with dragons of all kinds. Kira shivered and felt Sasha move onto her back out of sight.

"Here comes the king!" Someone shouted. Everyone quieted down after that. Remus stepped up onto the top ledge that gave him a view of everyone.

"As you all have probably heard my daughter who is half human has come to us." He explained. Mummers of confusion and curiosity rippled through the crowd. Remus flicked his tail signaling Kira to step forward. She slowly walked forward with her eyes meeting the gaze of a familiar black dragon. Dobius took Kira's hand and guided her over to Remus. "This is my daughter Kira, descendant of the great dragon Alfia and my first born!" Cheers sounded throught the cavern.

"Peace peace, EVERYONE QUIET!" Remus' voice boomed.
 The cavern quieted down.

"Who will be her mate?" One asked. Thunder growled and strided forward.

"Thunder?" Kira asked. He smirked and looked at Remus.

"I wish to accept your daughter as my mate." Thunder proclaimed. Gasps and annoyed growls passed through the cave.

"Only if she accepts you and learns to harness her own powers will she then accept a mate." Dobius stated. Kira stepped behind her brother afraid of all the eyes staring her down.


"Wait!" A voice cried. Kira tilted her head as Dark stumbled to the front.

"Why you!" Thunder hissed.

"Thunder Fang calm yourself." Remus growled. Kira walked over to her father and smiled.

"My request is that you both do not fight until I find out how to harness these powers I am supposidly blessed with." Kira said before bowing and walking off. Dark made a growling noise and stalked off.

"Lord Remus!" A dragon stumbled into the hall.

"What is it young warrior?' Remus asked.

"There are humans advancing through our territory and lighting it ablaze!" The dragon cried before collapsing onto the ground. Every dragon roared in anger and fear.

"Calm down!" Remus roared. They all quieted down. "Thunder Fang, get your troops and the battle armor. Dobius, cover the area in a shield. The rest of you find the hinding spots for the eggs and hatchlings. The time for war is apon us."

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