Deep Thoughts w/ the Stars

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Deep Thoughts w/ the Stars 🌌🌌🌌

Looking above
Seeing the STARS
Thinking about you
Thinking about me

WHAT is it to DO?
What is it to think?
People who really matter
Who are they?

There's nothing wrong in 'WHATEVER'
No real reason to stop
Just want to SLOW DOWN
Till the the so called 'pain' FADES

PAIN can make someone go blind
And move W/O their 'brain'
Let's think for them
Find the logic side
Side w/c only 'I' accept

whatever HAPPENS
1st,I AM your FRIEND
Before any of these happened
Whatever the situation we end up
I will always be your friend FIRST

Just want you to understand
I'll keep my promise
Promise that 'I won't ever leave'
As long as THAT ENOUGH reason
Is nowhere to BE found

I don't want to hurt you
I just want you to see
I have thought about 'this'
I WISH you do too

What is it to f*cking feel?!?!
What is it to f*cking do ?!?!?

I wrote this so yes, GIVE RESPECT & DON'T PLAGIARIZE!

If you guys want to talk, i always welcome conversation, even the weirdest kind! ☺️

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