Chapter 12

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A/N- when you realize you forgot what was suppose to happen in the book and just have a writers block on what to do next.


Caroline came out of the bathroom after hearing the window shatter and looked from me to the window. Nothing came in through the window, if was just silent. Her and I both carefully walked toward the shattered window to see what was around it.

There was no one outside who could have shattered the window. I sniffed the air to see if I recognized anyone's scent. That's when I heard Caroline gasp behind me. She had a rock with a note tied onto it in her hand. I grabbed the note from her right before she dropped the rock on the ground, breaking the glass shards into even smaller pieces.

I looked down at the note just to see how bad this was.

'Luna Jess and Caroline-

I know you are hiding my sons mate away on your lands. I was a little suspicious when he said she left willingly and that's when one of the pack warriors told me a black SUV was missing. You can either turn her over within the next 24 hours or my pack declares war on yours. It won't be to hard either, you see how close I was able to get to your leader. Now you better hurry, your time is ticking.

-Alpha Daniel'

"Y-you should j-just take me back. No use in putting you and the rest of your pack in danger." Caroline said to me in tears.

"Caroline. No that isn't happening." I said grabbing her shoulders and hugging her sideways. "Let's just sit down and think of a plan." I added sitting her and I down onto the couch.

"No, you shouldn't have to risk anything for me. You have already done enough."

"You're like one of my best friends now, of course I'm going to risk my life for you." I said holding her close.

"You still shouldn't. And, Alpha Daniel won't care what he has to do to get his son married to someone high in rank. He just wants the title."

"The title." I whispered to myself thinking. "Wait, I think I have an idea, but stay open minded, ok?"


"Instead of surrendering you to him, we will surrender me. I will go and say that I will marry his son and he will have no choice but to pass down the Alpha title to Derek. When Derek has the title, no one can say no to him."

"No, he's my mate." she said with her eyes flashing a little bit to black.

"Caroline, I don't want to take your mate. After the wedding, we won't even sleep in the same area. He will have his rightful title and you will be able to stand next to him."

"But it is still putting you in big risk." She says, now having complete control of her wolf back.

"It's either this or I lose my best friend and a possible ally in the future."

"Ok, I guess we could try it, but won't he think he would be combing the packs?"

"That's where I need you to come in. I am going to run to your pack and surrender myself while you take the car and drive to my pack house and tell Drew what I am doing. He is going to be p*ssed beyond measure, but I need you to keep him away, otherwise I could truly be in danger. If you tell him that, it should make him think before he does anything drastic. Make sure you also pay attention to the pack news. I will signal you from there if I need help or anything."

"Ok, I'll do my best to hold him off. When do we need to leave?"

"It would be best to go now. You can handle this right?"

"Yes. You are the best friend I have ever had and we've only known each other for a few days."

"Same. You need to go now because we don't know if all the trespassers are gone. Tell Drew I love him."

"Ok, tell Derek I love him too."

We both hug each other tight and sob silently before pulling apart and doing our part of the plan.

I quickly grabbed extra training clothes and put it in a bag before heading outside and shifting into my wolf. I picked up the bag in my mouth and waited for Caroline to get in the car. Once she did, she waved before she drove of toward the pack house while I ran the opposite way, away from my pack lands.

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