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Outfit on the side ---->


I woke up screaming like usual because of my nightmares.
Dimi woke up too because of me it was 5 o'clock and school starts at 8 o'clock so she had a lot of time to dress up WITHOUT my help ;)

"Irini come down!!"

our caretaker scouted.
I run down and saw that our caretaker was talking to some boys . I couldn't see the boys so I went nearer then I realized it was Bigbang!!!!!!


I was in panic because when they found out I was street fighting I made a promise with them that if I made problems they would bring me to a special place that place was jail for all teenagers ...
I came to my senses again and walked to the caretaker ...

*1 hour later*

I still can't believe that they chosen me. I packed my my things and went down "Irini " Dimi scouted while crying "I'm gon-na mi-ss yo-u" she said knowing that this is the last time she will see me after all we made a promise once one of us is out here the person will try living a new live forgetting one another forgetting the past. Well I can't forget the past but I can at least try do look as if I did. When I said goodbye to Dimi a man with I assume to be their manager brought me to a black celebrity car where more than five people could sit once the door opened I saw them looking at me with excitement.

"Yo" I said to them.

"Hy" they all said at the same time .
I sat between V.I and TOP thinking about my future with them...


She is sooo cool I really admire her since the day she introduced herself with so much confidence since that day I knew she is the right one. She should be my new sister well or daughter.


She's the first girl I saw beating up so many guys without even trying to I want to live with her.Live will be sooo exciting with her my new sister or daughter .


She really is something .
She has confidence the look and a past that makes her stronger than anybody. She's amazing she will be my new sister well or daughter hehehehe.


She's the first person to speak with me with so much confidence not only that she can beat up more than teen guys without trying she's so cool. I made my mind I want her she will be my sister well daughter .


WOW she took out more than teen guys without trying and spoke to our leader with so much confidence. I want her as my sister or daughter live with her will be interesting.
Sorry to update so late guys u see I have to focus on my studies.
Sorry again I will try to update faster this time .
Oooh and please a lot of comments and likes.❤❤

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