Birth day

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One cold evening a girl, Lexy turned 16 her family didn't have much money but her parents gave her $20.43 to go to the mall, Lexy had never been to a mall. Lexy was super excited, the day after, she went to the mall, and as she walked in the door she saw some girls who go to her school, she walked by them when one of them "accidentally" tripped her.
Her $20 fell, and the girls picked it up.
They kept teasing her, until this
boy showed up. "Give it back!", the boy said. The girls still wouldn't give Lexy the money. The boy went up to the girls and ripped the money out of their hands. " Here you go.", as he handed the money to Lexy. She was relieved, she handed the boy $5 to thank him, but he couldn't except the money. " My name is David, what's yours?"
"Lexy.". She continued to walk towards the store, David followed her into the dollar store. He asked if she was free on Saturday night. Lexy replied, "Yes..."

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