Deadly secrets

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I woke up with a massive head ache that I assumed came from my eternal crying. I didn't think a person could feel this way towards another person. Was I really in love with my friends brother. The feeling he gave me when we were together was like nothing before. Almost like a fucking paradise. I got up and went to the kitchen where I met Sky. She looked awful with dark circles around her beautiful eyes. I assumed I probably looked the same. I broke the awkward silence by saying "where did Kahleb go? He left yesterday... saying forgive me." Sky looked like she was on the verge of tears. "What are you not telling me Sky?" I was getting mad why would she keep something from me? "Lake I don't expect you to understand but... Kahleb... he can't control himself." Hearing her words were like trying to put a puzzle together that was missing more pieces than it has. "Sky please tell me what the hell is going on." I blurted out frustrated. "He hasn't told you has he?" Sky said with a curious look on her face. "Hasn't told me what?!" I practically shouted. What was so wrong with telling me what's fucking happening. She stayed silent. I could tell she wanted to tell me something but couldn't bring herself to it. "You know what?! Fine. But when your brother gets back... If he gets back tell him I said he has a a shit load to explain," I said as I stood up walking out the front door. The beach was only half a mile so I decided to go to clear my head. I felt the cool breeze brush my skin reminding me of Kahlebs gentle touch. The thought of him sent a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. I tried to blink them away but it was no use, they were already streaming down my cheeks. I sat on the sand watching the beautiful sun rise with several different colors like pink, blue, and purple. "How do I always seem to fuck things up?" I thought out loud while more tears escaped from my eyes. "You don't ever fuck things up. Don't say that." I turned around to see who said those words. It was Kahleb standing behind me looking at me worried. "Oh my God! Kahleb where the hell have you been," I say in between sobs." I thought I lost you..." I stood up and jumped into his arms. I barried my face in his neck inhaling his familiar axe. His voice was soft as he said "After...saying I love you yesterday...I remembered that I can't love any one." I removed my head from his neck "W-what are you talking about Kahleb?" I asked afraid of his answer. "It's not that I don't want to be with you. It's have to trust me I can't control myself and... and it will be dangerous." I didn't understand what he was trying to say. "Kahleb quit talking about yourself like your a damn animal. I mean what the fuck do you mean you can't control yourself? Is there something I should know?" Is all I could manage to say, trying to soak all this in."But... I am an animal, monster, what ever one you want to call me. Lake I'm not 100%..." I was so eager to hear what he was about to say. It all seemed so unreal. "You're not 100% what?" I asked completely terrified by what I might hear. He looked down before he locked eyes with mine. His eyes that were once grey, we're now green. "Woah.." I said taking a step back. His voice was cracked as he said "Human..." My head spun.

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