Jonathon’s POV

“We’ve arrived, sir.” My driver announced as I felt the car stop.

“Thank you, Robert.” I stepped out the car and fixed my tie. Heads turned as I made my way to the entrance of the establishment, just the way I liked it. I watched everything closely–the amount of people going in, the people coming out, even the little things like the paint job.

This nightclub was in desperate need of money and I was willing to give them an investment; yeah, I was that nice. I had a meeting tonight with the owner of this club and I already wanted it to be over. The loud music, the people dressed in skimpy outfits, this all wasn’t really my scene.

“Jonathan Stiller,” I said proudly to the bouncer. Without a word, he removed the red rope from in front of me and I nodded before entering.

“Mr. Stiller,” The owner said as he approached me. “I’m so happy you’re here.”

I looked around, “So am I.”


An hour and a half later, the meeting had finally come to an end and I couldn’t be any happier. Yeah, I’d be making money off of this place, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be sticking around.

“I can’t wait to start doing business with you Mr. Stiller.” He extended his hand with a smile. I grabbed it and gave it a firm shake.

“We’ll be in touch.”

I left the room and made my way into the main area of the club. I cringed at the people in the barely existent outfits dancing as if they had no upbringing. These people knew good and well that if their grandparents were in the room they would never be acting in such a manner.

As I was about to exit, roars of cheers sounded from behind me. I turned around and saw a crowd gathering around something that was happening on the dance floor.

If I was going to be investing my hard earned money in this place, I should at least see what the people do here. I approached the crowd and when I reached and looked over the heads of the clubbers, I was astonished by what I saw.

In the center was a black girl grinding her body on a male clubber. She put one hand on her knee, laced the other in her hair, and arched her back, making her backside stick out and rub against her companion.

I shook my head–everybody around here was obviously drunk. They could do 100 things more productive than what I’m seeing.

The music suddenly stopped and the girl stopped dancing with her partner. She stood up, turned around, and threw her arms around the blokes neck. And if I thought I was surprised by what I saw before, that was the understatement of the year.

I’m not going to be all cliche and say that I hadn’t been able to think of anything except her because that was the farthest thing from the truth. I’ve had my fair share of ass over the past couple months and she was the last thing on my mind while I was doing all the other girls.

Making her way through the jumble of people was the cocoa gem I hadn’t seen in nearly 5 months. She was stumbling and giggling like a madwoman as she latched on to her partner.

Was that the type of people she was interested in? He had a darker skin tone than her, his hair looked like it hadn’t been cut in month, his face wasn’t shaved, his clothes looked dirty and barely fit him.

I watched in shocked as she passed by me and the smell of alcohol radiating off of her was unbearable–she smelled like a bloody bottle shop!

Before I knew what I was doing, I was tailing them to the bar and I didn’t know what was going through my head.

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