Waking Up

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(((((No, Squirrels, (y/n) didn't die. I think. I don't know, maybe she did! I still need to think of that...........)))))

I ran out of the mansion, needing to stop (y/n) before she killed herself. If she got anywhere near that pond, she wouldn't even feel it as she was torn limb from limb. She would be happy! I needed to get to that grave, fast! I kept tripping, stumbling, and falling down, but I kept getting up and running again to save (y/n) in time. I couldn't lose her, I just couldn't! She's been in my life for as long as I could remember! I finally got to the gate of the graveyard, seeing as how it was locked shut. I knew where (y/n)'s mother's grave was, remembering seeing all the times (y/n) went there to visit as a child.

Behind the grave, I saw the familiar shimmering light of the pond, and I froze. It only shimmered when someone was near it or just went through. If she wasn't already through, she was extremely close! I had to find a way to stop her before it was too late. I picked up a rock off of the ground, smashing it against the lock until it broke off and fell to the ground. Running in, I went straight to the pond, slightly relieved to see no one around the edge of the pond.

Hearing static in my ear, I looked up to see Slenderman standing over me. "What happens when someone dies in the pond?," I ask him, wondering if that was a possibility. He stared down at me, letting out a small sigh. "They stay in that pond forever, Masky," he responded grimmly, "They never leave. There's a good chance that happened to (y/n)." I look away from him, staring at the pond. (Y/n) was somewhere in there, or somewhere on the other side. All I had left to do was wait there until I knew what happened to her.

You slowly open your eyes, blinded by the bright light. The soft beeping of a heart monitor plays next to you, turning your attention to the heart monitor next to the hospital bed you were laying on. Heart monitor? You sit up slowly, looking around. You were in a hospital room, that was for sure. But were you back in your own reality? On the table next to your bed sat a cell phone, so you picked it up to look at the contacts. In your normal reality, you had Kara and Mike as your contacts along with the school and Tim. In the reality you just came from, you had Kara and Mike as well, along with the school and your friends from school. Here, where you were now, your contacts were the following: Mom, Dad, Uncle Joseph, Aunt Marolin, Home Phone, Mom's work, Dad's work, Kathrin, and one was labeled as "Secret". Mom, Dad? Why were those two your contacts on your phone? And who was "Secret"?

Curious, you call the contact "Mom" and listen to it ring. You hear the phone getting picked up, and then hung up as if the person didn't want to talk. You give the phone a confused look seconds before the room door swings opened to reveal none other than your mom. "Sweetie I'll be right outside, you don't need to call me." Your mom, the one who was supposed to be dead. You watch her close the door again, feeling confused. As the door closes, your phone rings. It was "Secret" calling. You answer it, saying in a weak voice, "Hello?" "Hey baby," says the person on the other end, sounding worried, "I heard the news, are you okay?" You may have just woken up, but you could recognize that voice anywhere. It was...."Tim?," you whisper, slightly in shock. You were going to say "Masky," but were afraid that it might not have been him. "Yeah it's me, are you okay? Everyone at school heard about you almost drowning, are you okay?," he repeated.

You stare at your phone, saying, "I'm fine. Don't really remember what happened to me, but I'm fine."

"Good," Tim said, sounding relieved. "There's been a whole bunch of crazy stories going around. Some say you drowned, some say you were stabbed, and others say you were jumped."

"Wow," you laugh, "almost sounds like I'm one of the popular kids at school, the way you're talking."

There was a long pause, making you realize you said the wrong thing. What if you were actually popular? Wherever you were, that is. "(Y/n) are you feeling okay?," Tim asked, sounding extremely concerned. You nod, taking a few seconds to realize that he wasn't able to see it before saying, "Yeah, I'm just tired I guess." The door opens again, making you jump in surprise and accidentally hang up the phone.

The door opens all the way and a nurse walks in, the mask covering her mouth black instead of the normal white. From beneath the black nurse cap, her dark hair poured out, falling into waves of onyx. "Hello (y/n)," the nurse says, "my name is Nurse Ann. I've been the one taking care of you for the past few days." You are at her, feeling somehow unnerved by the nurse. A man walks into the room, his brown hair and green eyes waving in the breeze as he walked. His mouth mask had a smile drawn over it, which just seemed creepy to you.

And then you realize why those two made you feel unnerved. They were Creepypasta. But if so, how was your mom alive? Wouldn't she have died? "I know you two," you say, skooching away from them, "You two are both Creepypastas!" They stare at you, and he man pulls down his mouth cover to give you a confused look. "Child," he said, "what are you talking about?" You shake your head, backing away until you fall off of the bed. Getting up quickly, you run out of the room, listening to the shouts of denial coming from the nurse and doctor and your mom. You ignore them, not knowing what the literal hell was going on. You run out of the hospital, shivering when the cold night air breezes through the thin fabric of the hospital gown.

You whimper and hug yourself, continuing to run. As you run, someone wraps theirnarms around you and stops your running. You scream and squirm, trying to get away. "(Y/n), baby," the person whispers, "calm down. Its just me!" You stop, once again recognizing Tim's voice. Wiggling your arms a bit, you feel the familiar texture of his jacket behind you. You let yourself go limp, falling back into his arms. "It's okay," he whispers, holding you up in a arm bear hug. You turn yourself around, hugging him back and breathing in his scent. His simple presence comforted you beyond belief. It's been so long since you've been with him.

The shimmering of he pond stopped, letting us know that (y/n) had gone away from the pond. But why? I looked at Slenderman, only to see him gone. But I didn't pay much attention. I was busy trying to figure out why (y/n) went away from the pond. Did she already know what would have happened? Or maybe she just didn't love me as much as I thought she did? As if reading my thoughts, Hoodie appeared next to me, saying, "See, she only loved you because you were a Creepypasta. No Creepypasta, no love for you." I growled, half tempted to swing at him but holding it back. Hoodie had been with me through all of this, so I had no reason to get mad at him over it. But anyways, where did Slenderman go?

I teleported through the pond, going to the exact dimension (y/n) was in and near by where she was. What I saw confused me. I saw Tim, his arms wrapped protectively around (y/n). She was wearing a hospital gown, shivering all over. She was cold. Tim hadn't been looking at me when I teleported, but a few seconds after I did, he looked straight at me. He didn't look glad or angry or scared, just annoyed. He slowly moved one of his hands away from her, waving me away and mouthing 'Go away before she sees you!' I back away a bit, disappearing from his view but close enough to stil see them.

Letting out a shrug, I teleported back to the mansion's front door. I knocked, once, twice, three times. After the third time, Jeff opened the door, glaring at me. "Damn you Slender, it's three in the morning," he growled, "You didn't have to wake up the entire mansion to get in the house!" I stared at him, noticing something. "Do you hear that?," I asked looking around. He looked around with me, giving me a confused look. "Hear what?," he asked. I looked down at him, saying, "There's no dog barking." His look became even more confused, saying, "What are you talking about? We live in the middle of the woods, why would we hear any dogs?" I stared at him, realizing what was going on. Smile Dog wasn't at the mansion. And the way Jeff was talking, he didn't live here either.

As far as Jeff was concerned, Smile Dog didn't exist. I ran into the house, caliing, "I'M HOME!" Grinny Cat jumped over the back of the couch in the living room, sprinting over to rub against my legs. So I was right. Smile Dog didn't exist here. Which would explain why (y/n) didn't know me, why her parents were alive, and why Masky was staying as Tim around (y/n). Smile Dog didn't exist here!

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