Summer's Over

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The rest of the summer went on like that. Him making eye contact with me, me smiling back, and him winking at me. A couple times we found ourselves alone and we would cling to each other and kiss until our lips were sore. If we would hear someone coming he would just walk away like thats what he was doing in the first place.

At first I thought he was embarrased of me but then I realized he could lose his job for procreating with a camper. Not only that but he could go to jail since I was a minor.

The last day of camp he cornered me in a hallway and gave me his number. He said if I wanted to keep this going then I should text him. He told me he would do anything for me but this all had to stay between us. I believed him.

As soon as I got in the van with the rest of my church group I started texting him. We texted all the way home, then all night, then we were texting all the time. Soon we were talking to each other until we fell asleep. Life for us was great. I didn't even realize how much I had distanced myself from my friends. Every waking moment I had was wasted on him.

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