The Secret Weapon

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Wrote this after a dream I had... Not sure whether or not to continue this... Maybe you can tell me that?

Already sundown and my body hurts like hell. 

Typical. In a city where the gluttons survive, it’s only natural that someone like me is stuck having to put myself in harm’s way to live.

Already sundown and all I have is one large sack of food and a new pocket knife. You’d think that’s enough to last me a long time. Heck, it could, but I got a gang to feed.

I look around the dead street I’m crossing. Papers flying across the slow, dusty breeze; black crows cawing to their neighbors across the dilapidated telephone wires; and cars in various shades of rust and paint parked by or crashed into abandoned apartments. Yep, home sweet home.

One of the papers flying decides to hug my boot. I shake my leg at first, then bend down and peel it off. As soon as I see the bright colored lettering I crunch it up and toss it away. It was another of those stupid missing persons posters. Lately, the big one showing up is a picture of a girl who’s been missing for two months. The reward is big for anyone who finds her alive. 

I hate that girl. Because of her, most of the gang’s been searching for her, leaving me to have to stock up on everything. Even Jericho - our leader - agrees on finding her. I honestly hope that they find her body in an oil lake, skin all melted down to just her bones and a few muscles. Heh, that’ll teach the sad excuse for parents to let her wander off.

Just as I make it to my group’s territory, I sense someone following me. I don’t turn around, that’s probably what they want me to think. Instead, I take a confusing path down to our main hideout. When I still feel that presence, I pretend to be stretching from the load I’m carrying, keeping one eye open to whomever is there. No one in sight.

“Hey, tell me I’m not delusional and come out!” I call out to the invisible man. After a few seconds, I convince myself it was probably an electric buzz from a rare able wire and to tell Jericho about it. We could use another outlet to power up the other rooms. I open the back door of the smallest shop on the Main Street: our hideout. I turn back once more, then shut the creaking iron door closed.

Next day wasn’t any better. I fought a couple of Blue Roses members, but all they had was about as much as I normally find. Make it worse, I got a bruise on my neck. Wait until the boys see that.

I feel it again. That invisible man. This time even closer to me than yesterday. This time, to prove to myself I’m just imagining things, I break into a run. When I’m a good enough distance, I stop. No odd presence, I was right.

“WAIT!” A scream. Two feet stomping the ground towards me. The voice calls out again. I turn around in time for two frail arms to wrap around me. Shocked and in an odd position, I trip and the two of us collapse to the ground. 

The body holding me is shaking. “Please, can you help me? I don’t know where I am!”

I shove who I now know is a girl off me. She whimpers when her butt slams with the concrete. I tut, replying, “You’ve been following me just cause you’re lost? Like I could give a care in the world about you’re problems, go drown in a lake or something!” I grab the bag of supplies and start heading back.

She calls for me again, “Please! I’m sorry! I just want to-”

“Blah, blah, blah,” I cut off. “Who cares about you sad little problem? Realize, princess, that it’s all about fending for yourself in the real world.”  I continue walking away. She doesn’t follow me this time.

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