◀chapter 5

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Today is Sunday and school is tomorrow I'm excited but nervous I got to meet new people again and it's a big school my last school was small. I wonder does Omar goes to school I go to he live three block away from me so I decide to call him.

Phone Convo

Omar: Wassup Bae

Me: *roll eyes* Excuse me

Omar: *giggled * Wassup though

Me: You go to Easton High, right?

Omar: Yea shawty

Me: How is it there?

Omar: It's cool, it's pretty big and umm the teachers I had last year were pretty cool fun chill.

Me: How is the school lunch because I remember my school lunch was disgusting asf.

Omar: Lol they ight I bring my own food though.

Me: That's wassuh though

Omar: Yea I guess

Me: Sooo umm... What you doing?

Omar:Nun really well I'm trying to see what clothes to wear though cuz yo man got to look sharp for tomorrow

Me: *giggles*

Omar: Yea...What you doing though

Me: Same thing *giggles* about to straighten my hair

Omar: Awl... that's wassuh ma but What's your nationality? curly ass

Me: Yea ik & I'm a quater of Indian lil bumper head ass

Omar: Ayye you wanna go?

Me: Sure

Omar: Ight you gone be crying ma

Me: *giggle* no I'M not

Omar: Ight witcho Ol' pregnant moose lookin ass

Me: Excuse Me!! *giggle*

Omar: I told you punk

Me: Nah with yo Yo hoe ass look like you can drink peanut butter, STRONG neck havin ass gtfo heaa boyy!

Omar: Dammnn *dying laughing*

Hearing him laugh like that made my day and I started to laugh. Something about his laugh is sooo sexyy.

Omar: Bruhh yo ass look like an indian monkey

Me: oooo ight I got you with yo heavy head lil neck havin ass

Omar: midget mac lookin ass

Me: You a ugly lookin ass nigga

Omar: So I'm ugly

Me: Yep

Omar: Shiiidd you know I'm ain't ugly

Me: You in yo feelings now boo

Omar: Hush babe

Me: Babe?

Omar: Yea babe?

Me: Um...No !

Omar: You got another nigga or something ?

Me: Nahh... Boys have cooties ion do them !

Omar: You a lesbian ?

Me: Hell Naw i aint no damn lesbian

Omar: *giggles* awl then why you don't do boys?

Me: Because i just don't

Omar: Be specific

Me: idk i just dont want my heart to be broken and I just have this fear of being in love

Omar: Sooo... you never had a boyfriend ?

Me: Nope... Boys had cooties and I wasnt that interested in them untill Highschool i guess

Omar: Oh wow.... why was you interested in them in Highschool?

Me: You ask to many damn questions

Omar: well my bad i just want to get to know you though

Me: idk it just happened i guess but what about you... are you a virgin ? You probably not.

Omar: Yeah I'm a virgin

Me: You say what now! How?

Omar: Well I was thinking about losing it when I was 14 but then the girl wasn't ready & she was girlfriend by the way and she had lost her virginity by one of my home boys that I don't fuck with any more & I don't want to just go find a girl to fuck I just want her to be down with me and loves me till the end.

Me: Well damn did she fuck yo home boy while y'all was still together?

Omar: Damn I love how you said "fuck" that shit was sexy ma & yea

Me: *giggles* Whatever *lip bites*

Omar: Forreal though lil freak

Me: *giggles* boyy hush

I check the phone & Ive been talking to this nigga for two hours never in my life I talk to a nigga for two hours

Me: Damn we been on the phone for two hours.

Omar: Damnn I've never talk to anyone on the phone this long

Me:Mhmm I have

Omar: With who?

Me: My besties we talk for hours and hours longer than this though

Omar: Well damn ion like talking on the phone for hours like that but youu i do lol you're special ;)

Me: Mhmm Whateveaaa lying ass

Omar: *giggles* im foreal though shawty you always think im lying.

Me: Ughh... Okay fine i believe you *smirked*

Omar: Good!

Me: ight well let me flat iron my hair

Omar: ight shawty

Me: okay bye *smiles*

Omar: Bye

I hunged up.

End of Convo

I started to flat-iron my hair and put pandora on so I wont be bored flat-ironing my hair. DAMNN my hair grew alot it passed my shoulders finally. I started to think of Omar how he saying I was special to him but I dont know if he's lying or not but starting to have feelings for him now "OH LAWWD".

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