I Could Fall In Love..60..

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Kandice walks slowly towards us, purposely swaying her hips, and I roll my eyes.

Why in the hell is she here?

I thought I left her and her crazy brother in LA!

Kendra hits Trey in the stomach to stop him from staring at her and he sighs.

"Jazz, isn't that Kandice?" Kendra whispers as I stare Kandice down. "The one you used to sing with in that group?"

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I hiss, ignoring Kendra, as Kandice stops a few feet in front of me.

"Jazz." Michael pulls me behind him and sighs. "Kandice, what are you doing here?"

"Yeah! What are you doing here?" Dionne asks loudly. "Haven't you and your bastard of a brother caused enough pain and trouble?"

Kendra whispers. "Brother?"

Michael looks at me as Kandice glares at Dionne and Dionne returns her glare.

Why is she here?

Like really.

"Mike!" Jackie cheers as he walks in from outside.

Teyonna and Rob walk into the mansion just as Jackie walks over to hug Michael.

"Baby bro, how are you doing?" Jackie asks as he hugs Michael.

Michael hugs him and smiles. "I'm fine, Jackie. How are you?"

"I'm good I--Jazz!" Jackie smiles when he sees me standing behind Michael. "Jazmyne! Hey, sweetheart."

"Hey, Jackie." I smile as I hold my arms up to hug him.

Why are all of these Jackson men so tall?

I'm always on my tiptoes or stretching to hug them.

"Hey, sister-in-law!" Jackie smiles as he hugs me tight. "Mike, didn't tell us you were coming. Trying to keep her to yourself, huh?" Michael chuckles as Jackie playfully punches him in the stomach. "It's so good to see you, Jazz. I know everyone will be happy to see you."

I smile at him before looking at Kandice and rolling my eyes.

"Where is everybody, by the way?" Michael asks as he looks around.

"On the back porch and some are upstairs unpacking." Jackie gestures as he turns and sees Kandice. "Oh! Have y'all met my girlfriend?"

"GIRLFRIEND!?" Michael and I exclaim at the same time.

Jackie's taken aback. "Uhh, yeah, my girlfriend. Is there something wrong?"

"YE--" I begin, but Michael cuts me off.

"We've gotta go upstairs and unpack."

Michael quickly pulls me towards the stairs and grabs our room key from a maid as we rush past her.

"Mike--Mik-Michael!" I stutter as he pulls me up the stairs. "Why didn't you let me say what I had to say?!"

"Jazmyne, we're not going to do this right now." He warns as he unlocks and opens our room door. "Don't start this vacation with drama."

I glare at the back of his head as we walk into our room.



"What was that about?" Jackie turns and asks Kendra.

Kendra stares straight into Jackie's eyes and smiles.

"A whole lot of mess," Dionne answers as she looks at Kendra. "that your girlfriend is a part of."

"Wait--What?" Jackie asks, confused. "What is Kandice apart of?"

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