The begining

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Hi. I'm Alex. it's been five years since my father died and I took on my dads plan to becoming the best Pokemon trainer ever. to bad all he left me was derpfail. not that it's bad or anything, he's level 61 so it doesn't matter that much. enough about me, let's get to the story. "honestly derpfail, you can't leave video games for even a second." I slap my head.
"I can't stop now, I'm about to beat this stupid level on kingdom Rush! Can you just send me back inside my pokéball and when you need me to fight I'll pause."
"Fine." I say. After hours of walking and finding dumb Pokémon, I see rustling. please be a good Pokémon. I say in my head. A wild pagée appeared! "Go derpfail!" I yell throwing out his pokéball.
"Really?" I hear the pagée say.
"Hey derpfail is amazing." I say madly. "Derpfail use the power of talking!" I yell he walks up to the pagée.
"Have you ever played skyrim?" Before she could answer he starts talking. "Well if you haven't you should! I love skyrim's Dragons. But the again the ender dragon in minecraft is cooler. He shoots purple fire from his mouth which also reminds me of enderlox and skybrine the two biggest hybrid story's in the world! And..." I watched as the Wild pagée fell into a deep slumber. "POKEBALL" she's still asleep when I yell it and wakes up after I caught her. I bring her out.
"Ok, let me get one thing straight. can you call me paige?"
"Yes. doesn't matter to me."
"Also, you just caught the worst Pokemon ever."
"I evolve at level 50 and I only get a new power every 10 levels. upside is that there really strong"
"Fine, now let's get to the next city." I say. she follows behind me.

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