Chapter 3 'Hugs reserved 4U"

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Alice’s pov

“Let’s see, room 18, ow it’s here. Come in” we followed nr.9 inside. “I don’t need to follow you’re orders c*nt” nr.3 said in a whisper. I thought nr.9 didn’t hear, but suddenly nr.9 grabbed nr.3 by her hair and started to punch her, but nr.3 didn’t hold back either. “Calm down, .. you two” I tried to pull them apart. I succeeded and held nr.9 at a safe distance. We didn’t even start with practice and these two were already fighting like pitbulls. “I think we need to talk before we start doing anything else”. I was scared they would attack me. They both sat each at the other side of the room leaning against the mirror. Nr.9 checked her scares out and covered them with make-up. I was sitting alone in the middle of the floor.

I didn’t apply to become psychiatrist and help them with their dislikes towards each other, maybe they would hold hands and attack me instead. Best thing for me right now was to keep out trouble. “What is the song called that we are going to sing?” I asked nr.9 so we can at least start with practice. “I thought of California bed by Rihanna” she answered calmly. “That’s a beautiful song, I have to admit” nr.3 complimented her. “Thank you”  a smile appeared on her face. “Let’s do that and what song did you pick for us to dance on?” nr.3 stood up and sat closer by nr.9. “I thought of ‘When I grow up’ by Pussy Cat Dolls” nr.9 answered. “Didn’t expect you to have such a good taste, I had an similar idea in my head. Let’s do that, we can even do some sexy moves, since most of the judges are male” nr.3 explained to nr.9.

After that they started with making ideas for the song and moves for the dance. I tried to speak, but they would interrupt me or they won’t even listen. It was as if I became invisible, I felt for the first time left out. When they finished splitting the song, they had only 4 lines reserved for me. Dancing was worst, in my opinion the dance was to slutty, it didn’t really show our true talent but I kept quiet and didn’t say a thing. I wasn’t feeling like I was part of the group, I was more like a back-up to them. “I’ll go to the bathroom” I said to them but they just ignored me. I walked past the halls and saw through the door opening the other group next ours practicing but they looked like a mess. Most time bigger groups can hide each other flaws better.

“Why that sad face?” I was happy that at least he noticed me. “Nothing” I lied to him, I didn’t want him to be worried and tell Mr. Park. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Where are you heading to?” he asked me. “Uhmm… back to the girls, I lost the room” I forced a smile before turning back. “Wait, I’ll bring you there then” he grabbed my hand back. “Not the best idea, bye” I ran back to the practice room. The minute I opened the door and came in. “I CAN’T SING?? YOU’RE THE ONE NOT HITTING THE NOTES, I HOPE YOU HAVE A REAL JOB THAT PAYS YOU ENOUGH” Nr.3 yelled at nr.9. “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! YOU SOUND LIKE A CAT THAT’S BEING RAPPED”nr.9 yelled back at nr.3. Wow what happened between these two? “I CAN ATLEAST MAKE A SOUND, ARE YOU ON MUTE OR SOMETHING?” nr.3 yelled and I saw nr.9 slapping nr.3. The door flew open “Nr.9 and 3 follow me, now!” the secretary yelled to them but they were shouting at each other so loud, making it impossible to hear her. “9 AND 3 NOW!!” the girls turned around, saw her and grabbed their bags following her.

“Uhm Alice, just wait in the cafeteria, you can grab something to eat” I bowed before grabbing my bag and went to the cafeteria. The boys were there too. Jackson waved at me but I couldn’t risk to break a rule right now. I just ignored him and sat down near the window. I didn’t notice that I forgot to grab a bottle of water. “Read it” Bambam whispered in my ears putting the bottle of water on my tray. I grabbed the note that was under and read what was written. ‘Don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Keep on going J Fighting!’. Tears started to flow out of my eyes.

I stood up and ran to bathroom. “Wait!” Jackson screamed and ran behind me. “Gotcha, why are you crying?” he hugged me. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. “You can’t do this” I sobbed between words. I was worried if one of the other girls passed by and would see me. “I don’t care about anyone expect you, it breaks my heart to see you like this” he hugged me tighter. “Noona, stop crying please?” Yugyeom asked me I nodded my head. “Such a beautiful girl crying like a baby, here” Jr. handed me a tissue. I wiped the tears. “Thanks, I needed that. I feel so much better now” I was thankful to them. “If I see you cry again, I’ll become Wangkong and kick their butts for you” Jackson demonstrated his failed Kung-fu technique’s making me chuckle at him.

“Alice what did I tell you about coming near the boys?” the secretary shocked everyone. “Not to be seen with them, I’m sorry” I bowed as I apologized to her. “What for dumb rule is that, noona? She used to be our choreographer, can’t we say hello to her at least?” Bambam asked her. “Well, she isn’t anymore, and if the other trainees aren’t allowed why should she be an exception?” she answered Bambam. “They can join us” Jackson joked. “Excuse us, guys break time is over lets go” JB grabbed Jackson by his arm and they bowed before leaving. “Alice I came to tell you that you can go home, the girls got send home to calm down. Tomorrow you can begin practicing, but at 5 am till late to catch up” she smiled before leaving. I took a deep breath and went to grab my things before heading home.

-At night-

“I’ll be going to bed now” I bid my goodnight to the boys. “What? It’s only 6, stay here” Jackson grabbed my waist and pulled me on the couch. “No, I need to be there early and I’m still tired” I stood up and went to my room. I laid in my bed but couldn’t close an eye. I heard knocking on my door, I quickly grabbed my blanket and pulled it above my head. I heard the door open and close again. As soon as I pulled my head from the blanket I got surprised by a kiss on my forehead. “I knew you were pretending to be asleep” I rolled a little to side so he could sit next to me. “I was trying at least” I said while kicking my blanket. “Come here” he pulled me towards him and hugged me tight. “Why oppa?” I asked him. “Can’t I hug my girlfriend anymore?” he asked me. “No, these hugs are only for Wangkong” I smiled evily. “Huh?” he poked my waist. “haha, oppa!” I said while trying to make him stop. He hugged me tighter. “Aaah oppa! I can’t breathe” I whined to him. “You’ll become my angel than” he kissed my temple. “But oppa I need to sleep” I freed myself from his hug and went under my blanket. “Arraso, arraso, I’m leaving, sleep tight” he exited my room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep dreaming about him.

I woke up at 12 and couldn’t sleep anymore. I stood up and went in the living room. It smelled delicious like men’s cologne, I looked around but there was no one. I sat down but heard an sound. “Whose there? Mark?” I stood up. He stood from the couch. “Guess I’m busted” he rubbed his neck. “Busted? Where are you going? Your cologne smells good” I sat back down in the couch. “Underground club, there is freestyle rap battle today, I’m competing in it but..” he looked at me. “I won’t tell” I put my hands on my mouth. “But I will” Bambam leaned his head between me and Mark.

“You better not” Mark grabbed his head and started to rub his head  with his knuckle. “Let me go with you then hyung” Bambam suggested. “Aren’t you underage?” I asked him. Mark nodded “Not even close”. “I can sneak in too, so is JB hyung going to know or…..” he asked Mark again. “Arraso, arraso but then Alice you need to come too” Bambam went to his room. “Why me?” I looked at mark shocked. “I need someone to stay by his side when I’m busy, please? It’s going to be fun” he begged me. “Wait, I’ll get change” I stood up and went to my room.

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