Chapter 25: Change The World

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        "Damn it!" I said as I clenched my fist. Nandito kami ngayon ng barkada except kay Ryu. Actually last night pa ko nandito, I didn't go home because I am fucking worried about my princess, si Lacus.

        "Hey dude don't worry Lay is already okay now.." Aram said, we are near the pool area.

        Kung makikita mo lang lahat kami may bugbog at pasa. We are all black and blue except for Vanz but good thing hindi siya sinaktan dahil hindi kakayanin ng puso niya.

        "I hope she's really okay can I go inside her room?." paalam ko kay Aram he just nodded at me.

        "Where are you going Cloud?.." Ysia asked me.. Her face also got some bruises and her lips is a little bit swollen. What will be Ryu's reaction when he see his mi bella. Tsk. I just shook my head.

        "Lacus room, I wanna see her I hope she's really fine.." I said while shaking my head.

        "Go ahead Cloud.." Vanz said to me. Good thing is her brothers are not here because they have family and they own their house. Her parents naman is currently on a business trip so they don't know about it and the twins really disagree to us to tell them what happened.

        "I will return afterwards we need to talk about the problem and who did this fucking thing to us.." I exclaimed.. "Have you already contacted your cousin Matt??.." I asked Matt..

        "No answer dude but I already messaged him.." he answered me. I just nodded and go straight to Lacus room.

                ~~Kindly listen to Change The World of Eric Clapton. This songs contains a very nice lyrics po. Thank you readers!. ^__^ ~~

        As I walking towards her room I can hear a very soft song, seems it's like a ballad. Hindi ko masyado type yung kanta pero dahil gusto ko si Lacus I also like it thou.

        Anyway I am still wondering why this things are happening to us. I should protect her but how?. Hindi naman kami eh. Do I need to ask if we already have commitment?. Buti pa si Aram at Vanz..

        Hindi na ko kumatok, dumiretso na lang ako sa loob ng room niya. Hindi ko maiwasang matawa dahil puro jersey, bola at mug ang nasa room niya. Have I told you she likes drinking coffee??. Madami siyang collection ng mugs at cup I wonder ilan piraso na meron siya.

        Lumapit ako sa kanya and I sit down near her and I can hear he song and understand the         lyrics. The lyrics is really good and I can't help but to smile.

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