My brothers

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As you know my brothers are Nash and Hayes.When we moved to Cali Nash was 14 I was 13 and Hayes was 11. We have also Will who was 17 and Sky who was just 3.Me and Nash are pretty close but Hayes doesn't like us much. Sky loves me! I adore her , she has sass. We talk all the time and she always tells me her secrets but Nash is her favourite.Mine too!!! He always stands by me even if I am wrong and helps me with my problems. My parents are awesome. My moms name is Elizabeth and my dads Tristian. My dad is a doctor and my mom owns Victoria Secret. We live in a big house with a huge pool, a gym and a video game room. I think my life is perfect. I have an amazing family , the bestest best friends and of course Cam who is not exactly my boyfriend.A ring on my phone pulled me out of my thoughts. I saw Cam's name on the screen. I picked up and he said"Hey Lea wanna do something?" , "sure come over" I said secretly excited"I ll be there in 5" he says and hangs up. I run into the bathroom and fix my hair a little. After one second I hear a knock on the door."Coming" I yelled. I opened the door and stared at him, he was stunning and I couldn't catch my breath."Like what you see?"he laughed and I blushed"So my parents are having a honey moon , Sky and Hayes are with grandma and Nash is staying at Taylor's for the week" I said changing the subject."Thats good!" he says with a cheeky smile."Wanna see a movie?" I say ignoring his comment."Sure, lets see a love story" he says and I turn around speechless"Are you a boy from Earth, Cameron?","Nope" he simply replies.We head downstairs and we choose "the Fault on our Stars".I was crying like crazy.Cameron hugged me and I felt so much better."Why do those boys not exist?" I say. He looks down on me and softly says"I can be that way for you" , I am spellbound he looks my eyes and then my lips.Then he leans in and I do the same, his lips crush mine and they move together.After a minute he pulls away and says breathless"that was amazing, you re a good kisser" I laugh and kiss him. The next 10 minutes we make out and my heart beats insanely. I know it sounds crazy but I think I have fallen for him.He quickly pulls away and heads upstairs mumbling that he should leave , I don't ask any questions.What was that , I thought he liked me for me. Well he looses if he doesn't. I should go out immediately..... I call Andrea "hey I want to go out now" I say "Wow, wait up what about Cam?" she says "I don't give a shit I want to party" I reply "Okay, Carter is having a party he wants you to come" , "ok will JG come too?" I ask "yeah go dress up"she answers "ok" I said and hang up.I wear black high waisted shorts and a white tank top just under my stomach, black heels complete my look......................................................... After half an hour I was there and immediately spotted Jack he was cute but nothing like Cameron.He hugged me and said " I missed you, Lea","I missed you too Jack". We walked in and I saw Shawn on a table dancing with a girl.We walked to the kitchen and took some shots. I felt good because alcohol effected me. We were heading to the dancing floor when I saw Cameron dancing with Madison . I was so angry!!! I grabbed Jack's hand and put it on my waist. I felt Cameron's eyes burning my face.Jack was moving me close to him and danced. Then he kissed my neck and I felt a warm hand grabbing my shoulder and pushing me away. I saw Cameron jumping on Jack and punching him as hard as he could.I hugged Cams waist and dragged him to the kitchen."Cameron, what was that?" I yelled"he was touching you"," and why do you care? You were dancing with Madison." I snapped" you don't get it you re mine and I did because I saw you with him" he yelled and kissed me.He pulled me on the counter and touched the small of my back. Everything was perfect until I heard Nash yell "Get away of my sister!!!"

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