A day later

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Dear diary,
Today I told josh that I was pregnant and I'm still not sure how he took it. He seemed happy but also wasn't 100% excited. Then he left to go to the gym and has been there for an hour. i think he's just nervous but Im a little scared to. I told him over diner which was pasta and meatballs and cookies for desert. And then I brought up getting a pet since we own the house now and he said yes but I think e was still in shock from finding out I'm pregnant. I also started to plan a party to tell everybody the gender.Josh just came back from the gym an he was vlogging. once he finished he came up to me and tried to hug me but I pushed him away because he was sweaty and gross. then joshed showered and I asked him about getting a pet again and he said sure a dog but I want a cat so maybe we can get both. after that we snuggled and then went to bed.

To do
Plan pregnancy party
Call doctor
Go food shopping
Go to pet store and look at pets
Call everybody and tell them I'm pregnant

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