Souls Connected (CamVeza Tandem)

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The worst part of life, is waiting
The best part of life, is Having someone worth waiting for...


My name is Marcelle Zicarelli Maury, weird right? For centuries, supernatural beings have dominated the earth. You have angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, fairies, elves, ghosts, ghouls name it and of course witches. But me and my coven are different from the others. We have something what humans call-conscience. We do not just commit murder or inflict pain on humans or any other living thing.

It all started with our supreme leader-Marigold Withstand. She's from Salem Massachusetts and during the Salem witch trials in 1692, she's one of the lucky ones who escaped from the witch hunting and got rid of being executed and burned alive. She never told me how she escaped. She migrated here in Scotland but during which another trial is being held that's why she just remained a normal life. She was later joined by some of the witches from the Scandinavian region namely from:

Iceland-Arnie Sveinssön

Finland- Agatha Pekantyär

Denmark- Nefja ( pronounced as Nefya) Østergaard

Norway- Yivä Knudsvig and from

Sweden- Helga Hölmströmm.

They call themselves the Teutonic Witches who were also very lucky to escape the Thisted Witch trial from 1696-1698.

It was only in 1711 that the last witch trial that they could finally use their magical powers.

Little is known about my Da. My mother, Edme MacDhàibhin (or in English term Davidson) Maury gave birth to me on July 30, 1711 and she was a green witch meaning a practitioner of witchcraft whose focus is on the use of natural items and places. Their goal is through union with mother nature.

My mother was accidentally killed during a war against the warlocks (not the male version of a witch) their history can be traced and etymologically speaking, a warlock means an oath breaker or even a traitor.

After I lost my mum, Marigold Withstand and her Scandinavian friends saw me and raised me as their own. I can finally call someone mother or mamma.

When chaos was finally over, Marigold together with My 5 Scandinavian aunts formed a coven and practice the White witchcraft

They established 4 rules and The Law.

The 4 rules: Live, Love, Learn and Enjoy. The Law: Harm None.

The total idea, picture a 4 legged stool. Each of the 4 rules is represented as a leg of the stool. And the Law can be seen as a 4 legged stool. Rules without the law is useless so as the Law without the rules but when all of these are brought together, they make a highly stable, enjoyable and happy life.

They taught me a lot of things especially the useful spells. I was living a perfect life when that fateful thing happened, it was during my 19th birthday.


Marigold and my 5 aunts found out that I harmed someone. I never meant it to happen but it happened. They told me I should face the consequences.

We went to the Stonehenge. Perfect they said. It'll be full moon and its the summer solstice. I don't even know the significance. It's the 30th of July 1730

MARIGOLD: Ahh... Stonehenge...Wonder how such things could survive for thousands of years.

She looked at me with sadness in her eyes. It's too late for me to have regrets about it. They've been so good to me, and they never stopped reminding me about our Law. And then we went through the megalithic structure and they formed a circle.

Unearthly/Make-Believe( FaTunay,KaRa,Camveza,Cienne )Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!