The end of her love life!

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Zing was only a simple girl from China. She wasn't smart like her parents, Xing Kim Cammo ll and Vivi Ziti noir. As you can tell Xing was dad and Vivi was mom. Zing wore simple clothes from the market stalls in her village. Even when her clothes are 46c her mother ALWAYS bargains. Her parents always knew everything about their child, but, 1 thing that Vivi nor Xing did know (no pun intended) Zing had a crush on Martini Dunken. He was named after the last martini his mother had before she died in car accident as of drunk driving. "Zing, c'mon let's go down to barbie and roast some koala"! Vivi gasped. both of Zings are Chinese but, they like to pretend Vivi is Australian and Xing was Irish. No one knows why. Zing rushed out of the house before Xing gave another lecture on how leprechauns are judged. Zing and everyone else, knew leprechauns do not exist but to Xing, its like telling a six year old that Santa died or something. Anyhow, when Zing got to school on her tricycle, outside the door was Martini and Leslie Mc Lenny snogging. Vivi always told Zing to laugh at your problems. As they snogged, Leslie suddenly said; " I love you"! Zing giggled. Because Martini only spoke in text talk he replied with; ily 5eva. Zing giggle loudly. Suddenly Leslie said; I'm pregnant and its yours! Both our parents know and I'm going to Yale"! Zing laughed. Then Martini said; " I go in 2 yal 2, I so :D wil u mari me"? Zing roared with laughter.

"YES, YES"! Leslie screamed. Zing was consumed with laughter.

"Me parnts agre its onli rght to bit marid n d fancis hotl n d st8". Martini said sternly. Zing fainted.

                    4 hours later

Zing checked her watch. "12:58? I gotta get to class". Zing bounced up and raced about checking her class schedule. Kinde John was Zings BFF and rushed to her assistance when he noticed her lying on the ground. At first, Kinde thought she was unconscious. Most BFFs would be devested but Kinds wasn't. "This is why learned CPR"!! Kinde cried pursing his lips. Zing thought it was a joke. "IM AWAKE IM AWAKE!"She cried. "Aw"... Kinde whispered. Because the thing was, Kinde has been crushing on Zing for the last 8 days. He knew it was true. All in class Zing couldn't concentrate on her history. She had a hate journal where she wrote everything and everyone she hated in it. "Feb 10th 2k15, Martini is a jerk, this the end of my love life"! "Not true"! Kinde whispered kissing Zing on the lips. They smiled. It was just the beginning.

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